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Chicago Sun-Times reveals 8 secrets – some incriminating – of Survivor


The Chicago Sun-Times has revealed “8 Secrets of Survivor”; an interesting – and, some might say, incriminating – detail of what goes on behind the scenes in both casting and production. Besides the obvious notes that the castaways are sometimes chosen to fill a role or are contacted by producers rather than sending in audition tapes, a couple of tidbits emerged that seem to have an impact on the integrity of the show.


Introducing the cast of Survivor: One World!

Introducing the cast of Survivor: One World!

CBS has revealed the cast of the 24th season of Survivor – Survivor: One World – premiering February 15. The tribes – Salani and Manono – are split by gender (first seen in Survivor: The Amazon) and for the first time, both tribes will be living in the same camp. Notable for this season – the first little person in Survivor history, an ex-wife of a former NFL player, no previous players returning, and no Redemption Island […]


CBS announces Survivor: One World, premiering February 15

CBS announces Survivor: One World

CBS has announced the 24th season of Survivor, titled Survivor: One World, which begins airing in February.


Rupert Boneham seeks Libertarian nomination for governor of Indiana

Libertarian Party nomination for governor of Indiana

On 2004′s Survivor: All-Stars, Rupert Boneham was so popular that he won $1 million as the overwhelming choice for fan favorite. Now hes hoping for votes again. Boneham, 47, announced Saturday that hes seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for governor of Indiana, reports AP, saying he wants to take on the states political establishment because he feels voters deserve better. via Survivor star wants to be Indiana governor (USA Today)