TAKEN FOR GRANTED: Ashley’s Surprise Immunity Means Grant’s A Goner

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2 Responses

  1. melanie blair says:

    I am one of your best fans, myself and all my family watch survivor every season. We have never been so disappointed in any other season. It became the Boston Rob Show. He is a liar, a manipulator, deceitful piece of work, Jamestown all over. Everyone drank the Kool Aid. I and my family were really disapointed that the other team with all the great personalities never got to play the game after the merge. It got really perdictable and quite upsetting. Collectively Rob had the dumbest group of people on his team that have ever been on the show. So miffed by Grants parting comments, that the girls and Phillip had turned against him. Is he just a dumb jock? The entire time he has been told what to do, Do not eat the Fish. That was absolutely the point of the game that became pathetic. Rob could have had a job brainwashing for Hitler. So sorry to say this was the worst season ever, if he wins the money I may never watch again. Love Matty. Should be call Christian Island instead of Redemtion. Promise your viewers that Rob will never be on the show again, he completely ruined it.

  2. cindy says:

    Worst season of survivor ever. Natalie had as much impact on the game as a puppet. You can’t win a million $ playing the game as a bad guy. Having a teen play with someone who has played 4 times is not a good idea. Its much better when new players play each time. Hope future players just vote off returning players instead of depending on them to play the game for them.

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