TAKEN FOR GRANTED: Ashley’s Surprise Immunity Means Grant’s A Goner

“Too Close For Comfort” — Ometepe continues to dominate, as Ralph is forced to leave Redemption Island. Ashley’s closeness and influence on Natalie starts to wear on Rob, who plans to vote her out. But when Ashley unexpectedly wins Immunity, Rob is forced to change his plans in an unfavorable way.

Phillip is not worried about RI, because there is only one thing Phillip is ever worried about: rice. I don’t know why every argument this guy has is started over rice. Did he get shunned by baseball Hall of Famer Jim Rice as a kid? Did he flunk out of Rice University? Did he mistakenly attend a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and get rice thrown at him during the big Brad and Janet wedding scene? Whatever the reason, this guy loses it when it comes to white stuff.

This time Phillip tells Ashley and Natalie that they should let Grant eat some of their rice so he can be strong to beat Mike should the Marine come back from Redemption Island. “The average woman can survive on 1700 calories per day,” he yells. Where he got this number from, I have no idea.  Also, how much rice would they have to eat to get up to 1700 calories? That’s a lot of damn rice! Anyhoo, the girls storm off in a huff (no doubt to do some more body hair grooming) and we’re back to the real drama of the episode — Rob trying to drive a wedge between Natalie’s friendship with Ashley. After telling Natalie to do what he tells her to do and promising to take her all the way to the end, he also tries to manipulate her into thinking that Ashley is playing her. “I can’t stand what she’s doing to you,” Rob says. “She’s trying to tell you what’s in your best interest.” Now, of course, anyone with any intelligence would see right through that and realize that that is exactly what Rob has been doing to her all season, but…well, this is Natalie we’re talking about. As Rob himself points out, “Natalie may not be the brightest player to ever play this game. We all know that.” That, we do.

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Andrea arrives at Redemption Island all smiles, but gets a cold reception from the likes of Ralph and Mike, and especially Matt, who felt doubly betrayed by his old ally.  It doesn’t take long after her arrival for the air to clear between the two of them, as Andrea tells Matt that his wishy-washy ways led to Andrea being thrown under the bus.  “Sorry I ruined your Survivor game for you,” says Matt with more than a hint of bitterness.  Matt clearly had the advantage in this argument…Andrea is sitting on RI so clearly Matt was right about her decision-making.  More than a feud between Matt and Andrea however, Ralph shows that paybacks are indeed a bitch when he makes Andrea sleep on the ground instead of inside the shelter.  A bit of her own medicine, so to speak, if you consider Zapatera was not allowed use of the tarp back at camp.  What goes around truly comes around, especially in the game of Survivor.

via Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 13 recap: Me and you, you and me – National survivor | Examiner.com.

Andrea and Matt immediately get into it. He’s still bitter about her voting for him, but she rightly points out that he totally ratted her out to Rob like a big dummy. In the morning, Andrea is pretty upset with her tribe for the blindside. Well, it’s a game and you got played. Suck it up. It’s not real life.

The four-way duel is a puzzle where you move a handle through a maze, then assemble a puzzle. Andrea kinda panics and gets frustrated, while Ralph finishes very quickly with the maze, followed by Mike and Matt, finally Andrea. The puzzle portion evens them all back out, though, and Mike finishes first, followed by Matt and then Andrea. Aww, sorry Ralph. During the challenge, Jeff hilariously says if you lose, your shot at the money is OVER and you become a JURY MEMBER and that BLOWS.

via ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’: Grant Mattos or Natalie Tenerelli? Who will Boston Rob turn on? – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.

“Grant, when you watch this, you’re gonna realize I never wanted to do it this way bud,” Rob tells Grant and the 14 million other people who accidentally tuned in. Who but Boston Rob gets to use CBS to send personal messages? I can’t wait for the finale – I’m half-hoping I get a shout-out of my own. “Loved your blog, bro, and thanks for the Fishys. Give me a call on your Sprint Palm Pre!”

Rob’s mash letter to Grant was just one example of the way Rob has sucked the air out of this season. When Ralph is eliminated from the Redemption Island duel, it’s Rob who gets a confessional. When Phillip antagonizes Natalie and Ashley about their binge eating (three spoonfuls of rice!?!), it’s Rob who gets a confessional.

“One man should not have this much power in this game,” Rob says. “Luckily I’m not an ordinary man.” With great power comes great responsibility? It’s like watching a Superman movie where the villains are a jaywalker and an illegal music downloader. Rather than a complex narrative with many different players, this season has devolved into a character study.

via Survivor: Redemption Island Recap – Elimination : People.com.

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2 Responses

  1. melanie blair says:

    I am one of your best fans, myself and all my family watch survivor every season. We have never been so disappointed in any other season. It became the Boston Rob Show. He is a liar, a manipulator, deceitful piece of work, Jamestown all over. Everyone drank the Kool Aid. I and my family were really disapointed that the other team with all the great personalities never got to play the game after the merge. It got really perdictable and quite upsetting. Collectively Rob had the dumbest group of people on his team that have ever been on the show. So miffed by Grants parting comments, that the girls and Phillip had turned against him. Is he just a dumb jock? The entire time he has been told what to do, Do not eat the Fish. That was absolutely the point of the game that became pathetic. Rob could have had a job brainwashing for Hitler. So sorry to say this was the worst season ever, if he wins the money I may never watch again. Love Matty. Should be call Christian Island instead of Redemtion. Promise your viewers that Rob will never be on the show again, he completely ruined it.

  2. cindy says:

    Worst season of survivor ever. Natalie had as much impact on the game as a puppet. You can’t win a million $ playing the game as a bad guy. Having a teen play with someone who has played 4 times is not a good idea. Its much better when new players play each time. Hope future players just vote off returning players instead of depending on them to play the game for them.

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