Unofficial Guide to Episode 1: “I Need Redemption”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: South Pacific Episode 1, “I Need Redemption”. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired September 14, 2011, covering days 1-3

Reward Challenge winner: Savaii

Immunity Challenge winner: Upolu

Redemption Island: Semhar (first to arrive)

Player notes:

  • John Cochran asked Jeff to call him “Cochran”, noting that Jeff calls all the great players by their last names
  • Mark asked Jeff to call him “Papa Bear”
  • The Immunity Challenge loss was attributed to Semhar, who insisted on a position shooting coconuts into the basket but quickly because too tired
  • Brandon decide to hide his relation to Russell Hantz and two tattoos with his family name by vowing to keep his shirt on at all times, fearing he would be seen only as another Russell and equating it to playing as Hitler’s Nephew
  • While Upolu looked for the Hidden Immunity Idol clue, Stacey literally looked right at it wrapped around a branch in a tree and didn’t recognize it

Friends & Foes:

  • Jim and Semhar became antagonistic after she said she felt “sorta bad” following the loss, with Jim saying he felt terrible and feels “sorta bad” when he runs out of milk
  • Brandon said he was uncomfortable around Mikayla and feared he would struggle with a physical attraction toward her
  • Papa Bear comforted Dawn during her breakdown and seemed to suggest an alliance because they were the older people of the tribe
  • Sophie said she thought Brandon might be hiding something
  • Coach formed a 5-person alliance with Sophie, Albert, Brandon, & Rick.

Other notes:

  • The vote was played up as being between Semhar and Cochran but Semhar received all 8 other votes

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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  1. Flam says:

    It almost hurts seeing Ozzy try to be some kind of Survivor guru or whatever it is he’s trying to be portrayed as. He’s good at challenges and he is strong but as he has shown in the past he is not a leader. This is very awkward and as long as mentally ill basket cases are going to him for help Savaii is going to be in trouble. Coach is a fruit loop but at least he can be encouraging and be genuine about it, not fake like Ozzy. Each tribe has their perceptions of their “leaders” totally backward.

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