Unofficial Guide to Survivor: South Pacific Episode 10 — “Running The Show”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: South Pacific Episode 10: “Running The Show”. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.
Aired November 9 2011, covering night 24 through night 27

Redemption Island: Ozzy is joined by Dawn and Whitney

First Immunity Challenge winner: Sophie

Second Immunity Challenge winner: Sophie

Eliminated: Jim, Keith

Player notes:

  • Ozzy extremely comfortable on Redemption Island; doesn’t have to worry about loyalty, is eating well, and has potential to eliminate each opponent that meets him there
  • Sophie wins both Immunity Challenges, a physical challenge and a mental challenge

Friends & Foes:

  • Coach confides in Cochran that he is afraid of Albert leading a revolt
  • Cochran considers rejoining Dawn and Whitney to save potential jury votes
  • Albert sees need to secure Savaii jury votes; entertains idea of aligning with Whitney and Dawn (and Cochran)
  • Albert recruits Sophie into his alliance with Savaii

Other notes:

  • Redemption Island Challenge is double elimination; Jim and Keith become first two members of the jury
  • Twist revealed at Tribal Council – a second Immunity Challenge

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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