Unofficial Guide to Survivor: South Pacific Episode 13 — “Then There Were Five”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: South Pacific Episode 13: “Then There Were Five”. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired December 14, 2011, covering night 32 through night 35

Redemption Island: Ozzy is joined by Brandon

Immunity Challenge winner: Brandon

Eliminated: Edna

Player notes:

  • Albert says in confessional he has a blindside planned, and that Sophie is next to go, says Sophie may be too dangerous to keep around, and says he plans to adapt to players around him and currently plans to go to final 3 with Rick and Coach
  • Albert says in confessional that he doesn’t care about honor or integrity, reveals that he is playing Brandon, who does not think Albert will vote against him under any circumstance

Friends & Foes:

  • Albert and Sophie offer significant help to Edna in her challenge against Ozzy
  • Sophie calls Brandon and Ozzy the two most dangerous players in the game and they must be pitted against each other to eliminate one of them…makes reference to “Ozzy’s Pleasure Dome” – the idea that Ozzy has fed and comforted every single jury member, many on their way out of the game
  • Albert approaches Coach about voting out Sophie, but Coach thinks Albert is intimidated and is blowing with the wind
  • Brandon approaches Coach while talking to Albert and says he’s nervous about what they are talking about – Coach calls him out for trying to bully them into telling, saying he is acting too much like Russell
  • Brandon chooses Rick to share in Reward; Albert seems stunned
  • With Brandon having won Immunity, Coach and Sophie decide to vote off Albert
  • Sophie approaches Brandon and Rick while eating and says they will vote Albert; Rick reveals Albert approached him for Final 3…Brandon, Rick, & Sophie confront him about his lies
  • Albert later talks to Brandon; Brandon says in confessional he forgives him and tells him he will not vote against him, then tells him that, if needed, he will give Albert his Immunity Necklace – then tells Coach that Albert needs to stay and he will give Albert the necklace, and Coach seems moved by Brandon’s forgiveness
  • Brandon gives Immunity Necklace to Albert at beginning of Tribal Council
  • When asked, Albert says yes, he would give Brandon the necklace back to Brandon if he felt he needed it
  • Brandon comes to slow realization over course of Tribal Council that he made the wrong move, Albert will not give him the necklace back, and Coach will vote against him

Other notes:

  • Reward: pizza delivered to camp with soft drink & garlic bread

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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3 Responses

  1. Admin says:

    Watching Brandon play is completely emotionally draining, whether you like him or not.

  2. Heath says:

    Reeeeeally seemed like Albert was getting the winner’s edit in this episode.

  3. Jerry says:

    Whether you like or dislike Brandon or the Hantz family…if you didn’t feel bad for the kid as he came to the sinking realization that he screwed up by giving Albert is necklace, you have no soul.

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