Unofficial Guide to Survivor: South Pacific Episode 14 — “Loyalties Will Be Broken”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: South Pacific Episode 14 — Loyalties Will Be Broken

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: South Pacific Episode 14: “Loyalties Will Be Broken”. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.
Aired December 18, 2011, covering night 35 through night 39

Redemption Island: Ozzy defeats Brandon and returns to the game

First Immunity Challenge winner: Ozzy

Second Immunity Challenge winner: Sophie

Eliminated: Brandon, Rick, Ozzy

Winner: Sophie

Player notes:

  • In the middle of a card-stacking challenge, Sophie drops her stack and demands Albert drop his to pick up her pieces, but Jeff reminds them it is an individual challenge and they will need to beat Ozzy to defeat him
  • Ozzy figures he can use his Immunity win to pit everyone else against each other and come out looking like the good guy
  • Coach tells Jeff at beginning of first Tribal Council that he will play the Hidden Immunity Idol, but doesn’t
  • Coach torn between wanting to take best player to the end (Ozzy) and keeping his word to Albert & Sophie, but after voting out Ozzy says the vote was a “no-brainer”

Friends & Foes:

  • Coach calls out Albert for lying about knowing that Brandon was being voted out and goes off on a tangent about being lied to; Albert realizes he needs to repair his alliance immediately
  • Coach tells Ozzy if he wins Immunity he will give the Immunity Idol or Necklace to Ozzy because he believes he deserves to play, but Ozzy doesn’t believe him
  • Coach and Albert decide Rick has best shot to win the game and thus must be voted out
  • Ozzy pitches Albert on voting out Sophie first
  • Rick knows there’s a good chance he will be voted off; Coach tells him Sophie has turned on him but Rick knows Coach will lie
  • Ozzy tells Albert that Coach told him he wanted to take him to the final 3 with Sophie; Albert confronts Coach who does not deny it so Albert knows he might need to work with Ozzy
  • Ozzy tells everyone at Tribal Council about Coach’s proposal
  • Sophie says she would vote Ozzy just because she feels disrespected by him; cries, saying that if everyone feels poorly about her as Ozzy said then she actually regrets playing, then declines opportunity presented by Jeff to convince everyone she is OK after breaking down
  • After Rick is voted off Coach tries to comfort him but Rick refuses, telling him to take a seat
  • Coach confronts Ozzy about telling everyone Coach’s proposal at Tribal Council, feels sad and disrespected; Ozzy says he didn’t completely trust him because he had been burned so many times…Coach says his heart broke for him and changed how he felt and even asks Ozzy who he wants to be voted out next
  • Coach jokingly refers to Ozzy as the dragon and christians Sophie the new dragon slayer
  • Sophie realizes Coach could vote with Ozzy and cause a tie vote
  • Ozzy asks Coach to give him a chance to make a tie-breaking fire with Albert as one last battle

Other notes:

  • Season finale
  • Final duel – holding on to a pole as long as possible

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