Unofficial Guide to Survivor: One World Episode 1 — “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: One World Episode 1: “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules”. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired February 15, 2012, covering day 1 through night 3

Reward/Immunity Challenge winner: Manono (reward: flint)

Eliminated: Kourtney (due to injury)

Player notes:

  • Greg announces his intent to go by the name “Tarzan
  • Troy says in confessional that he is known as “Troyzan
  • Colton very upset at male/female split as he was looking to seek alliance with women
  • After tribes are split, players are given 60 seconds to strip supplies off the truck that brought them in. Michael steals an axe and other items that the women had taken
  • Matt says he is not a “ladies man” and doesn’t care about the girls
  • Sabrina finds Hidden Immunity Idol for the Monono tribe; rule says she has to give it to a Monono member before Tribal Council and decides Colton is the obvious choice and later gives him the idol
  • Kourtney falls on and hurts wrist during Immunity/Reward Challenge; challenge is halted while medical is called in to take a look at her. Medical pulls her for an x-ray not knowing if it is a break or sprain, later discovering several breaks which leads to her removal from the game

Friends & Foes:

  • Leif impresses Jonas with this strength
  • Alicia feels she, Kim, Sabrina, & Chelsea are strongest women; annoyed by Kat during hike to camp but includes her in initial 5-person alliance
  • Kim says women empowered by men stealing items form the truck strip
  • Several chickens found in camp; Matt strikes deal with the girls to pool resources and split whatever is caught. But Chelsea catches two chickens and the men catch none
  • Colton feels Matt is arrogant and condescending and wants him voted out; Matt put off by Colton‘s disinterest in working with men…Colton begs women for Hidden Immunity Idol clue because he needs it
  • Mike, Jay, Bill, & Matt form early “young, fit guy” alliance
  • Sabrina “sold” on Colton; calls him a wild card and the two seem to form friendship
  • Jay put off by girls’ tendency to keep their tribe separate but wants to keep it that way
  • Men able to start fire early; several women try to trade chicken for fire but men refuse…later that night several girls go over in their underwear just to “see them” and ask nicely for fire
  • Monica and Christina steal fire while the men are asleep but the flame didn’t last
  • Alicia annoyed when Christina strikes deal with guys to weave palm leaves in exchange for fire
  • Christina and Alicia fight during Tribal Council; Christina yells at Alicia to shut up, Alicia tells Christina she’s about the punch her in the face

Other notes:

  • Season premiere
  • Hidden Immunity Idol in play, Redemption Island is not
  • After Kourtney is pulled, Manono is given change to end the challenge and take the victory or finish the challenge. Manono decides to end the challenge and take the victory, saying Salani would do the same
  • Kourtney is found to have broken her wrist in several places and will require surgery and is the first player eliminated

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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2 Responses

  1. OneWorldFan says:

    – I really like Kim. She seems smart and level headed, more so than any of the other women.
    – Alicia and Christina are idiots. How do you not notice that your fighting is putting everyone else off? They are painting targets on their own backs.
    – Kourtney proved she didn’t belong back in the game when she said in her confessional that she should have put her hand further out when the instructions CLEARLY told them to keep their hands and arms close to their bodies
    – I like that Colton is such a wild card and hope he stays in long enough to really shake things up
    – Matt is an idiot for not trying to include Colton, or at least do a better job convincing him that he’s more than just a tool.

  2. Admin says:

    Michael looks exactly like Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town:

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