Unofficial Guide to Why Manono Was Right to End the Challenge

Coming out of the Reward/Immunity Challenge in Survivor: One World Episode 1, anyone could have seen that, as far as criticism goes, there was no right way for the men of Manono to have handled their decision to end the challenge or keep going.

They decided to end it and take the victory, and were criticized for not finishing, for taking the easy way out, etc.

If they had decided to continue with the challenge and had lost, they would have been criticized for not taking the sure thing, and the move would have been stupid on par with Brandon giving up his Idol to Albert last season.

Anyone who says that they would have done something in the game that would hinder their chances at winning or advancing is wither a fool or a liar. Never give your opponent an opportunity if you have control over it; Brandon giving up his Idol is a perfect example of what happens if you let altruism get in the way of the game. And just because they were ahead in the challenge doesn’t mean the challenge was won; one person trips and things change instantly.

Don’t kid yourself; if you think you would have handled that differently you’re proving why you’re watching on your couch. And if you had been in the game, you’d be the next voted off for your willingness to weaken your tribe.

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