Unofficial Guide to What Salani Needs to Do to Get it Together

Unofficial Guide to What Salani Needs to Do to Get it Together
Two episodes in and Jeff has already declared that Salani is off to one of the worst starts in Survivor history. Even asked in Tribal Coucil what they needed to do, no one could come up with anything more than a witless canned response that didn’t answer the question. They are fighting, they suck at challenges, and they are a complete disaster. So what – if anything – can Salani do to get it together? Here’s 3 ideas.

Embrace Colton – So you’re down in numbers, your tribe is a mess, and by some miracle you have a defector from the other tribe basically begging you to let him in…and you reject him? Colton is their best chance right now, and even if they truly aren’t sure that he’s 100% legit (and that’s not just a front for shooing away an annoying houseguest) there’s no harm in playing things very cautiously to test his loyalty. And speaking of loyalty, why are they so loyal to Kat, who destroyed their chances in the challenge, and not Colton, who presents a very real strategic advantage?

Play to Manono’s ego – Manono has shown no interest in helping the enemy, but playing to their ego to soften them up (and possibly form alliances with the non-Matt segment) can’t hurt their attitudes. Colton has to have told them, in some form, about his anti-Matt alliance. Time to start getting feelers in there so that when the time comes they can take, or at least share, control. Invite them for a meal, offer them food – do something to soften them up.

Ditch the young women alliance – It’s pretty sad when everyone agrees that Monica was the biggest help in the Immunity Challenge and yet she is still an outsider. It’s worse that the young women alliance basically agrees that Kat is worthless and yet keeps her out of loyalty. It’s time to blow this thing up – Kim and Chelsea need to get with Sabrina and rethink their alliance strategy. They can start by dumping Alicia, who seems like the root of all of the internal squabbles they’re dealing with.

What do you think Salani needs to do to get back in this game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. Survivor1Wrld says:

    How do you trust Colton enough to give him a Hidden Immunity Idol, but not enough to trust him to directly help your tribe. That inconsistency is a perfect example of what’s wrong with these idiots.

  2. Jerry says:

    Kat is not the issue here. She screwed up but I guarantee every single one of them will screw up at some point, some worse than others. At least she is able to pick herself up and use that to get better. Alicia and Christina, on the other hand, are tearing the tribe apart with their inability to get along. That ruins chemistry everywhere. Get rid of them.

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