Unofficial Guide to Survivor: One World Episode 3 — “One World Is Out the Window”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: One World Episode 3: “One World Is Out the Window”. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired February 29, 2012, covering night 5 through night 8

Reward Challenge winner: Salani (reward: complete fishing supply kit with canoe)

Immunity Challenge winner: Salani

Eliminated: Matt

Player notes:

  • Chelsea says all eyes are on Kat; Alicia comforts her and tells her not to try at Tribal Council
  • Jay agrees to jump ship from the Matt/Mike/Bill alliance after butting in on Colton’s alliance strategizing
  • Colton reveals in Tribal Council that he has an Immunity Idol and says he will be playing it but does not
  • After Matt walks off, Tarzan asks Jeff to see last two votes and Jeff says “no”. Colton says to save those questions for him

Friends & Foes:

  • After girls come back from Tribal, a couple of guys including Colton ask the girls if they want to come sleep under their tarp, but they decide to stay in their own camp and end up losing their fire, having no food and no sleep
  • Chelsea asks Troyzan and Colton if they can warm up by their fire; Troyzan says OK but Matt not happy
  • Monica and Kat ask Manono for some embers because they can’t start a fire; men ask for use of the canoe in exchange but Monica says they need to talk it over with the tribe; Matt and Colton both upset that women are being given Manono’s resources
  • Alicia later comes over and later gets in argument with Manono over their request to use canoe as she warms up by fire; says their deals are not fair. Chelsea later loses her composure at camp; says she is willing to give men the fishing gear for one night’s sleep
  • Colton “can’t stand” Bill, wants him “gone yesterday” and blames him for the Immunity Challenge loss
  • Matt approaches Troyzan to form new alliance and vote out Colton but Troyzan only humors him and later tells his real alliance of the meeting
  • Tarzan speaks up in Tribal Council and says Colton is invaluable and highly intelligent, and his friendliness with Salani will only help “them” when they merge, which agitates Matt

Other notes:

  • Salani dominates in Reward Challenge (memory challenge), winning 5-0
  • Salani comes back from huge deficit to win Immunity Challenge
  • Colton identifies himself as a Republican

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