Unofficial Guide to the Most Annoying Players So Far In Survivor: One World

It hardly takes three episodes to determine who the most annoying players are in Survivor: One World, but here are three characters that are putting themselves in danger with their off-putting personalities.


Alicia was bad enough when she was picking fights with Christina, but to have the audacity to cop an attitude with the guys for what she perceived as unreasonable exchange proposals as she warmed up by their fire puts her on a whole other level of annoying. Manono’s annoyance with her attitude was clearly visible, and not likely to be forgotten when the merge happens and it’s time to decide who to vote off first. And that’s if she doesn’t alienate her own tribe and alliance first – an alliance who has already made it clear that they aren’t thrilled with all of their members.


Check this, bro – it’s too bad that we didn’t get a glimpse of Bill’s hyperactive antics around camp before the third episode, bro, but, bro, even the brief glimpse this week was enough to show that he is clearly the most annoying part of the Manono camp. Editing doesn’t always tell the whole truth, of course, but it doesn’t look as though there’s any reason to believe he isn’t anything but completely oblivious to what the other’s think of him, and his totally awesome raving at Tribal Council only supports that theory.


Standout personalities are annoying by definition, no matter how entertaining they are. Colton is undeniably the star of the season thus far, but his constant complaining and whining grates on the nerves. He’s cunning enough for his alliance to follow, but he has already irritated the entire Salani tribe by trying to be their friend and could be an early target once the tribes merge.

Which Survivor: One World castaways get under your skin? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    I love Colton! =D

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