Unofficial Guide to the Smartest Players Of Survivor: One World – First 11 Days Edition

In examining the play of the Survivor cast after the first 4 episodes of Survivor: One World, it’s easy to tell who the dumbest players are. This season has almost exclusively focused on stupidity and not smarts this year, and one must wonder if these people have ever seen the show or have an ounce of common sense in social situations. Instead, let’s look at three players who are playing smart and under the radar.

Unofficial Guide to the Smartest Players Of Survivor: One World - First 11 Days Edition


No player in this game so far is as steady as Kim. In a cast full of frittering, sketchy scatterbrains Kim has been solid. She is deeply involved in the fate of the tribe, but when they are at their worst she has been a voice of reason and a calm consultant making rational decisions and performing well when needed. She has so far appeared impartial and has avoided becoming petty even when discussions arise over who might need to be voted off.

Unofficial Guide to the Smartest Players Of Survivor: One World - First 11 Days Edition


His position in the tribe notwithstanding, Michael has done fairly well so far. While pretty firmly entrenched in the “Rooster alliance”, he has so far avoided the petty bickering that Matt and, to a less extent, Bill found themselves involved in. Most importantly, he stepped up in the last episode with a little well-timed manipulation, which has helped him avoid Matt’s and Bill’s fate to the point where now Colton’s Misfits alliance is starting to look at weeding out their own.

Unofficial Guide to the Smartest Players Of Survivor: One World - First 11 Days Edition


Monica has mostly avoided unwanted attention even being part of a non-majority alliance. She, too, has been calm and leader-like, like Kim, and even though physical performance in challenges are not the same as playing smart, it’s worth noting that in a tribe that seems to constantly place blame on individuals following poor challenge performances, she has done very well in challenges – she was the only one who seemed to “get” the line shuffle challenge that Kat bombed in, and she made a great shot to win the slingshot challenge in episode 4.

Which Survivor: One World castaways do you think are playing it smart? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. March 15, 2012

    […] to her being able to find a Hidden Immunity Idol it certainly didn’t hurt. We’ve already noted that Kim is a smart, level-headed player and now it looks like she has been able to shed some of the dead weight in her tribe to strengthen […]

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