Unofficial Guide to the Survivor: One World Players Affected Most By the Switch

Unofficial Guide to the Players Affected Most By the Switch

Last night’s episode of Survivor: One World featured a tribe switch which mixed up the men and women, breaking up alliances and changing up the game. As with any switch, some players were affected positively, and some negatively. Here are the players whose games were affected the most.

Kim – Positive

Kim noted in her confessional that she couldn’t have made out better after the switch – her tribe is strong, she was teamed up with several women she was already aligned with, and she got a backup plan in the form of Troyzan and Jay should her alliance lose numbers for the merge. On top of that, the stronger tribe dominated both challenges, and whether that contributed to her being able to find a Hidden Immunity Idol it certainly didn’t hurt. We’ve already noted that Kim is a smart, level-headed player and now it looks like she has been able to shed some of the dead weight in her tribe to strengthen her game.

Jay & Troyzan – Negative

The switch wasn’t the end of the world for Jay & Troyzan, but they are now in the minority as far as tribal alliances and have lost contact with most of their former alliance. They can work at making new allies and talk all they want about how it’s no longer men vs. women, but the fact is that those previous alliances are 12 days strong and not likely to evaporate just because they are split up for a few days; there’s a good chance that contingency plans have been made for this scenario. The good news for both Jay and Troyzan is that their tribe seems to be dominant and is therefore less likely to need to go to Tribal Council, so they might be relatively safe and can meet up with his old alliance if they haven’t been duped by Kim into thinking they mean anything to her alliance.

Colton – Some Positive, Some Negative

This piece is about the players most affected by the switch, and while Colton seems to be pretty good at adaptation and it’s not clear if this is good or bad for him, is certainly affected his game in a huge way. His dominance in his old tribe is gone, and while it seemed that Troyzan was tight with him we now see that might not be the case. He has lost the strongest players in his tribe, and in physical challenges, of course, this is detrimental. But it’s Colton’s adaptation that makes this bump in the road filled with potential – he’s building a bond with Alicia that could give him on in with the women come merge time, and at the same time, assuming he can keep his dominant position in the face of what he expects to be  constant challenge losses, he can eliminate members of both of his opposing alliances. It’s a unique position and one that he needs to keep a level head to exploit.

Which Survivor: One World castaways do you think were most affected by the switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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