Unofficial Guide To How The Remaining Survivor: One World Cast Is Affected By The Merge

With Colton’s removal from the game and the remaining cast merged into a single tribe, here’s how each of their games are affected and what we might expect from each.

Alicia – Only Christina benefited more and more immediately by Colton’s departure than Alicia. But Alicia is better off in the long run because she has a chance to reunite with her former alliance. Unfortunately, if Kim and Chelsea have moved on, there’s a chance that they decide they don’t want to deal with any more of her drama or her mouth. If she can’t keep a lower profile she might find herself replaced.

Chelsea – Nothing changes much for Chelsea; it looks like she and Kim have the safest positions in the game thanks to their fallback alliances and likability within the tribe. May need to make a power play late to get out from under Kim’s shadow.

Christina – Barring an epic self-destruction by Tarzan as hinted by previews last week, Christina looks next to go.

Tarzan – Seems to have zero strategic game, which would explain his outburst previewed for next week. Likable, loyal, and (seemingly) well-liked and not really much of a physical threat, any shorthanded alliance would be wise to consider him should he keep his promise and set off on his own.

Jay – Has a chance to get far because of what looks like loose alliances and social gaming but seems to have no game other than that.

Jonas – Seems to be getting too aggressive for the position he is in. Not really a major perceived threat and needs to keep under the radar if he’s going to leverage that into a move. He would be wise to try and put something together early with Tarzan and possibly Christina to counter the Kim/Chelsea alliance.

Kat – Not smart and easily strung along for the ride; if Kim’s alliance wins out she is a likely early boot (5th place or so).

Kim – Things change fast, but looks to be in in a comfortable and safe position thanks to a decent alliance, a safe backup, likability, and possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol. If the votes continue to be predictable, she should be a favorite to win.

Leif – Seems to have no home and no prospects other than to stay at Jonas’s side. Could be an early easy boot.

Michael – His perceived physical stature could make him an early target unless he can get in tight with Kim. No real enemies with Colton gone, but seems to have no close friends, either. Could be relying heavily on Immunity Challenge wins.

Sabrina – If she can stay tight with Kim and Chelsea and dial back her leadership role in order to take the target off her back she could easily make final 3.

Troyzan – Troyzan seems able to adapt well and seems to channel his aggression better than Jonas, so if he can realize that whatever he has going on with Kim and Chelsea is pretty much worthless and can arrange something with Jonas/Leif/Tarzan/Chrsitina he could find himself in a very favorable position.

Which Survivor: One World castaways do you think were most affected by the merge? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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