Unofficial Guide to Survivor: One World Episode 8 — “Just Annihilate Them”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: One World Episode 8 — “Just Annihilate Them” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired April 4, 2012, covering day 21 through night 22

Reward Challenge winner: Sabrina, Michael, Leif, Kim, Christina (reward: barbecue burgers & steaks with 7-up)

Immunity Challenge winner: Jay

Eliminated: Michael

What Happened:

  • Troyzan and Jay sorry that Jonas was not part of their alliance, and determine that the next vote needs to be a girl
  • Reward Challenge is a two-tribe spilt using schoolyard pick – Tarzan not picked and does not play
  • Kim and Sabrina hatch plan to tell Troyzan that Michael is trying to get rid of him, hoping to cause Troyzan to fight to get rid of Michael, and then pick up Alicia and Christina and get rid of all of the men
  • Reward challenge winners bring 7-up back to the rest of the tribe
  • Challenge losing group discusses next vote – Kat suggests Michael, but Troyzan and jay are very leery of voting off a male
  • Tarzan yelled at for removing a piece of wood from the wall – he singles out Chelsea for her attitude. He approaches her and suggests she dislikes him because he is a plastic surgeon and she is unhappy with her plastic surgery. Despite this, since he is not a threat she feels he might need to stay’
  • Kim feeds the lie to Troyzan that Michael suggested voting him off, greatly angering Troyzan
  • Jay comes from behind in puzzle-solving portion of Immunity Challenge
  • Jay disturbed that she would suggest voting out Mike in front of former Manono members Alicia and Christina and says he is scared of too many girls, noting they could vote him out next, to which Chelsea replies, “that’s not necessarily true”, causing some alarm with Jay. Kim notes this as a huge mistake on Chelsea’s part and interrupts a meeting with Mike and Jay to suggest voting Christina
  • Jeff takes vote at beginning of Tribal Council about who is worried they are going home – no one raises their hand

Friends & Foes:

  • Kim and Sabrina decide to go to final three with Chelsea
  • Troyzan angry at Mike because Kim told him Mike was gunning for him
  • Chelsea and Tarzan continue fighting

Other notes:

  • A quote from Kim provides the episode title for the second time

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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