Unofficial Guide to the Survivor: One World Chopping Block, Day 25

After 25 days, here’s a list of the remaining players of Survivor: One World in order of the danger of them being voted out, from most likely to least likely. Keep in mind that this is not a boot list and there are no future spoilers here. This list is based on their current social position in the game, and is not a prediction – just player notes.

Troyzan – This one is obvious as he was the first choice of ringleaders Chelsea and Kim before Jay let them know he had a Hidden Immunity Idol. He is perceived as a threat, and it could therefore be difficult for him to pull off a coup.

Leif – Leif’s performances in recent individual Immunity Challenges and his tenacity should make him a quick target once the greatest thread – Troyzan – is out of the way. His lack of social game and the perception that he is just hanging on don’t help his case.

Tarzan – He managed to go three days without significantly angering Chelsea so that might help, but since he is not part of her alliance and is likely the least physically imposing player he looks to be the last old Morono member that will be eliminated.

Christina – Purely a number and of no real value to the core women’s alliance, she will likely be disposed of once she has served her purpose.

Alicia – We are fully expecting her to annoy herself out of her alliance, which could come even sooner than later, once Troyzan is gone.

Kat – Sabrina’s and Kat’s positions are interchangeable, but at the moment it looks like Sabrina might be a little tighter with Chelsea than Kat is. Chelsea has a more visible control of the game than Kim, and it appears that she isn’t playing strategically as far as the final 3 are concerned – if she was, she might be more likely to string Tarzan along for the ride – so she may be more likely to bring along her friends to the end.

Sabrina – One the other hand, Chelsea could bring up a very valid argument asking what exactly Sabrina has done in this game. She wasn’t a particularly noteworthy leader, even appearing to be outshone by Kim when the women needed to find strength and focus. Her friendship with Chelsea and Kim might be enough to keep her from being voted out, but that’s about all it’s worth.

Chelsea – She is strong and has pretty good control but her inability to come to terms with voting out her friends could cause her to become a liability. She’s not terribly likely to be voted out at this point, but Kim is too smart to be blinded by loyalty so if Chelsea continues to waver, there’s a tiny chance she might need to be sent home. Don’t count on it, though.

Kim – Going by likelyhood to be voted out, Kim has the edge on Chelsea because she is more in control and, more importantly, more sturdy. She was steady in the face of blindsiding her former allies Jay and Troyzan, unlike Chelsea. She’s friendly and likable and it doesn’t seem that people see her as a threat in any way.

Which Survivor: One World castaways do you think have the best chances as it stands now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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