Unofficial Guide to Survivor: One World Episode 11 — “Never Say Die”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: One World Episode 11 — “Never Say Die” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired April 25, 2012, covering night 27 through night 30

Reward Challenge winner: Kim (reward: picnic excursion via helicopter; takes Alicia and Chelsea)

Immunity Challenge winner: Kim

Eliminated: Troyzan

What Happened:

  • Tarzan feels his best bet is to vote along with the girls and not draw attention to himself by voting with Troyzan.
  • Following the Leif vote, Kim feels worried saying she didn’t plan to be identified as a target this early, but that she trusts her alliance (said to Alicia) and feels that the vote sealed the women’s alliance.
  • Reward Challenge tree mail indicates choosing a partner to enjoy reward. Kat feels it’s her turn for a reward and approaches Kim as partners should they win, saying she feels that she has a good relationship with her. Kim tells Kat that they don’t want to send Troyzan, Christina, and Alicia back to camp together.
  • In the Reward Challenge, Christina is identified as the player who deserves least to be in the game still, Kim as the player they’d trust with their life, Kat as the one who most needs a “wake up call” in life, Troyzan as the biggest poseur, Sabrina as the player who does the least for her tribe, Kim as the one players would like most to be stranded on an island with, Troyzan as the player they do not want to ever see again after the game.
  • Kim choosing Alicia and Chelsea to share the reward upsets Kat and Troyzan says it showcases who the controlling alliance is in the game.
  • Kim finds she cannot fully enjoy herself during the reward.
  • Kat is still upset after returning to camp, saying she is hungry too, but Troyzan insists it wasn’t about food and was really about strategy. He continues to try and sow seeds of paranoia, and it angers Kat; she doesn’t want to hear it, saying she doesn’t believe she is being used and she makes her own decisions. She later breaks down talking to Sabrina.
  • Kim talks to Kat upon returning from the reward, but Kat is upset and insists she has nothing to say. Kim says she wishes she hadn’t won the challenge and not taking Kat was the first non-strategic decision she’s made.
  • A pig wanders into camp and they try to catch it but are unsuccessful. A couple of the girls say they can’t kill it and would keep it as a pet. Troyzan amused that none of the girls have a clue how to catch or use it even though they make plans about bacon and ham sandwiches.
  • Tarzan bests Troyzan head-to-head in the Immunity Challenge, causing the girls to celebrate wildly. Sabrina tells the girls to just have fun. Troyzan turns his back to the game for the rest of the challenge.
  • Kim proposes splitting the vote and throwing 2 votes at Christina; Kat upset that she is being told what to do. Sabrina foolishly tells Christina that 2 votes are coming her way. Kim asks Christina if she is OK with that and she said yes, to Alicia’s amusement. Alicia says Christina has an IQ of 0 and, being a special ed teacher, she handles Christina as she would one of her students.
  • Christina approaches Troyzan, saying she doesn’t trust the girls 100% and proposes they vote for Chelsea. Troyzan doesn’t think anyone will do it and says in a confessional that he needed to know who they would split the vote with. Christina foolishly tells him it’s her, to his amusement. He later approaches Tarzan and Kat.
  • As Troyzan leaves, he tells Kat, “Do it.”

Friends & Foes:

  • Christina doesn’t trust the girls 100%
  • Kat upset with Kim for not picking her to go to the reward

Other notes:

  • Troyzan provides episode title

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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