Unofficial Guide to Survivor: One World Episode 12 — “It’s Gonna Be Chaos”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: One World Episode 12 — “It’s Gonna Be Chaos” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired May 2, 2012, covering night 30 through night 33

Reward Challenge winner: Kat (fish dinner; chooses Kim and Alicia to join her)

Immunity Challenge winner: Kim

Eliminated: Kat

What Happened:

  • Alicia realizes that Christina looks stupid at Tribal Council and that she might make a good Final 3 adversary, and decides that the better-spoken Sabrina should go home first. She doesn’t see Tarzan as a threat and claims she is at the top in the game.
  • Tree mail is a Sprint phone with videos from home.
  • Sabrina hopes that other players won’t play too selfishly, that some players have loved ones who won’t be around much longer and that she is playing for herself and Tarzan.
  • Kat chooses Kim and Alicia to join her in reward. Says she has been wanting to spend time with them and get drunk. Sabrina and Chelsea tell Tarzan it should’ve been him and Christina (whose father had a recent kidney transplant and has 5-10 years to live) chosen. Rest of the tribe seems annoyed at her “drunk” comments. Kim says in confessional it was a mistake not to take Tarzan and Christina and that she will have to do damage control when she gets back.
  • Kat talks extensively about how she believes Alicia and Kim are her final 3. Kim tells her sister that she thinks this final 3 might be her best bet because Alicia is delusional about how liked she is, and Kat wouldn’t answer questions well at the final Tribal Council.
  • Sabrina says Kat is selfish and if she had been picked she would have surrendered her spot to Tarzan.
  • Chelsea wants to target Kat; is worried that she has a good relationship with the men on the jury.
  • Kim says she debated whether or not it is smart to win immunity but decides she needs any she can get to feel safe.
  • Kat begs Kim to let her win the Immunity Challenge when they are the last two standing.
  • Chelsea not sure Sabrina should be voted off next; Kat’s selfishness throughout the game makes her a more ideal target.
  • Kat “embarrassed” that she lost to someone who is 28 – 6 years older than her.
  • Alicia no longer feels challenged by Kat; Kat’s strong showing in the challenge makes her a better target. Suggests this to Kim, but Kim is torn because Sabrina is smart and persuasive. Kim discusses this with Chelsea, but Chelsea is turned off by Kat’s selfishness and is more loyal to Sabrina because they’ve been together since the start.
  • Kat annoyed that Tribal Council centers around her age, lack of life experience, and their roles in her lack of strategy. She is called out for getting mad at Kim for winning the challenge (or not letting her win). She says blindsides are “funny and exciting” and she likes them as the rest of the tribe shakes their heads. At her final confessional she cries and says she’s embarrased that she left before Christina.

Friends & Foes:

  • Kat glares at Kim as the vote is read.
  • Kim and Chelsea declare they will always agree with each other on votes
  • Kim worried how she is perceived with her inclusion in the challenge but it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Other notes:

  • Troyzan glares at the players during Tribal Council

Episode summaries & commentaries:

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2 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    So glad she’s gone.

    Her immaturity wasn’t funny and wasn’t cute. I hope she tears into Kim at the last tribal for abandoning her (it’s inevitable) and Kim just says, “Kat, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You were never part of my plan.”

  2. FireGirl says:

    Is ANYONE even trying to play this game besides Kim? No other player is aware of how they are perceived and what is going on, much less as much as Kim. Did you see how her eyes darted around all through Tribal? She’s conscious of what is going on. What has Alicia or Sabrina done in this game? Or even Chelsea for that matter. This is the Kim Show. She better win.

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