Kim Spradlin wins Survivor: One World

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: One World Episode 14 — “Perception Is Not Always Reality” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired May 13, 2012, covering night 36 through night 39

First Immunity Challenge winner: Kim

First Elimination: Alicia

Second Immunity Challenge winner: Kim

Second Elimination: Christina

What Happened:

  • Kim suggests the next morning getting rid of Chelsea. Sabrina is surprised and thinks she is the next likable person after Chelsea, wondering of Chelsea is eliminated if she (Sabrina) would be targeted next. Alicia recognizes that to have any shot at winning, Chelsea has to go.
  • Kim burdened by Immunity win. She calls Christina a “no-brainer to take to the end”. Chelsea feels the most comfortable she’s ever felt, appealing to Kim’s friendship. Chelsea also suggests she play the Hidden Immunity Idol, making Kim wish she had never told her about it. Alicia is 100% confident she will be loyal, noting that it wouldn’t be strategic to split votes with Chelsea and Sabrina.
  • After Alicia is voted off, Kat whispers to Troyzan and Tarzan that Kim has backstabbed her and Alicia (after predicting out loud that it would be Chelsea).
  • Returning to camp, Kim apologizes to Christina for lying to her for “a long time”. Kim tells her she is one of the most resilient people she’s met. Christina recognizes the perception of her and how that makes her a suitable final 3 opponent. Kim and Chelsea discuss the unfavorable possibility that Christina might win.
  • Christina approaches Kim after her second win and asks flat-out if it will be her, not wanting to be blindsided. Kim tells her it is, and Christina resigns to the fact that she will be voted off, wanting to keep things peaceful. After Christina rolls over and gives up, Kim starts questioning her choice, realizing that she most likely would receive no jury votes. Tribal Council focuses heavily on Christina’s unwillingness and inability to break through the Kim/Chelsea/Sabrina alliance and go to the final 3. When asked, Kim notes emphatically that she would not have laid down like Christina did and had several good arguments for staying in the game that she never made and should have because things aren’t always what they seem, causing Sabrina and Chelsea to each shoot her a look.
  • On the morning of day 39, Sabrina breaks down after reflecting on life. Kim reveals that her appeal to the jury will be that even though she has lied to them and voted them off, to feel sorry for her because she has no boobs left.
  • At final Tribal Council, Jonas tells Chelsea that the guys all agreed she was the hottest girl playing. Christina asks Kim who she would have taken out to keep her in the game, and Kim says she felt she had a better chance against Sabrina so she would’ve taken out Chelsea. Christina asks Chelsea why she hates people. Jay questions Sabrina’s commitment to the game, noting that her philosophy to take it easy in challenges seemed to translate to camp life. Mike tells Kim that the entire jury knows she took all of the blame for the blindsides and that time would tell if owning up completely for that was smart or stupid. Tarzan tells the girls he is thankful that they allowed him the chance to see his wife. Chelsea stops him to thank him for showing her what she should look for in a mate. Leif gets emotional and asks how his vote went down, and Kim tells him she didn’t know if she can trust him. Sabrina tells him it was Kim’s idea. Alicia tells Kim they played similar games and she would be “****ing bricks” if she was up there with them. Troyzan tells Kim the answer to his question of when she made the move to end his game was made would determine is she was really the player she thought she was and deserved to win – she said taking Jonas out, and he said that was not the right answer. Kat tells them that she is due for an open heart surgery and had to hide that weakness, and not to be angry because she isn’t. Chelsea cries.

Other notes:

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Episode summaries & commentaries:

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