CORINNE OUT: Bob’s Scheme Bombs Extreme

CORINNE OUT: Bob’s Scheme Bombs Extreme

“The Good Things in Life Aren’t Easy” A surprise visit from family members lifts everyone’s spirit and results in a proposal, and a cockamamie plan by Bob and Corinne to play a fake Idol goes awry when Kenny sets a backup plan in play.

Kenny makes his mark
Tonight’s episode was the point where it became OK to say that Kenny is one of the smartest players to play the game. He’s getting cocky, and his early assertion that he would get rid of Bob because he didn’t know how to play the game could have been proof of the adage that pride comes before the fall, but in arranging to have Crystal vote for Corinne he showed that he is meticulous – and totally in control.

More importantly, Kenny showed flexibility in considering the possibility that he might need to jump alliances. It’s this flexibility that hasn’t been shown by the people that Kenny has eliminated the last few weeks.

Crystal nearly blows it
Anyone who actually thought that Crystal was a real player in this game should have received a slap in the face with tonight’s episode. Presented with a ludicrous story in which Bob claimed to have the discarded Idol, Crystal fell for it hook, line, & sinker. If it hadn’t been for Kenny quickly creating a safety net for the plan (and, it seemed, almost as an afterthought) she would have been shown to be even more inept than we already thought.

Crystal’s ineptitude was even further displayed by her flirtation with the idea that she should buck against her alliance and vote for Matty. The stupidest thing Crystal can do right now would be to anger Kenny and upset the applecart. her only hope in winning is to face off against Kenny in a final 2; it’s the only person she has a chance of beating, and only because of bitter votes against Kenny. She has no friends and has done nothing to show she deserves to even be in the same room as a million dollars.

Bob makes his case
If you’re confused as to why Kenny thinks an old man like Bob is the most dangerous player in the game, with the young and athletic Matty a distant second, tonight’s episode should have answered any questions. While Bob was winning challenges and creating a plan to keep himself alive in this game, Matty was (once again) content to sit at the bottom of his alliance, blubbering like a buffoon as he clumsily proposed to his girlfriend.

If Kenny doesn’t do everything he can to wrestle immunity from Bob and get him out of the game, he is in trouble. Bob has earned every second he has been in the game right now, hasn’t made any enemies other than possibly Randy, and his entire alliance sits on the jury.

Corinne – what she did wrong
Corinne’s biggest problem was identified early on – her inability and unwillingness to get along with people she didn’t deem worthy to grace with her friendship. She stuck with her alliance with Marcus and Charlie, and when that went kaput she had nothing in place to fall back on, having already burned bridges with members of the opposite alliance.

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