Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Philippines Episode 12 — “Shot into Smithereens”

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Philippines Episode 12 — “Shot into Smithereens” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired December 5, 2012, covering night 30 through night 33

Reward Challenge winner: Malcolm – afternoon and night with loved one (chooses Skupin and Lisa to join him)

Immunity Challenge winner: Malcolm

Eliminated: Carter – Carter’s game play (commonly called a strategy but it isn’t even close to being good enough to call it that) is probably the worst way you can play the game. It’s worse than Abi’s – Abi has turned herself into an ideal Final 3 opponent because she is so terrible. But Carter made himself into a likable challenge threat with no loyalties and no value as a vote. There was no reason at all for him to be in the game. Then he bemoaned the remaining players for playing with their heads and not their hearts. That’s why you’re gone, Carter.

Doing It Right:

Malcolm – Rewarding Lisa and Skupin for their loyalty was the type of brilliant move that most people wouldn’t have the wherewithal to make.

Lisa – It’s really hard to give Lisa credit in this game, isn’t it? She has stumbled and second-guessed her way through this entire game and it’s hard to feel good about her doing well when she doesn’t even seem to feel good about it. But the fact of the matter is that she is here, and even when things have gone wrong she has been able to make the most of it and stay in the game and in control.

Abi-Maria – It is not humanly possible for her to  have given less effort in these challenges. She is so terrible that Malcolm compared her to the Dementors in Harry Potter. And yet – here she is, in a favorable position as a final 3 foe in front of a jury that has been betrayed and burned by the majority alliance.

Doing It Wrong:

Mike – Mike actually told Carter he respected his game plan. Carter has never demonstrated any kind of game plan. Is Mike paying attention to this game?

Friends & Foes:

  • Abi vs. Everyone – Nothing different here, folks.

Other Notes:

  • Returning loved ones: Skupin – his son Mike; Carter – his mom; Denise – her husband Brad; Lisa – her brother Justice; Abi – her mom Vera; Malcolm – his brother Miles
  • The episode title comes from a quote by Lisa regarding her plan to blindside Malcolm dissolving after he won Immunity

Episode Summaries & Commentaries:

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