Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 2 — “Honey Badger”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 2 — Honey Badger

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Caramoan Episode 2 — “Honey Badger” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired February 20, 2013, covering night 3 through night 5

Reward/Immunity Challenge winners: Bikal (Favorites)

Eliminated: Allie – Too many young people alliances are brazen about their alliance and treat it like it’s an exclusive country club that no one else is welcome into instead of integrating themselves into the tribe. Allie herself didn’t seem too snobby in this regard, but the fact that the rest of the tribe saw their alliance that way, so she might as well have been. Obviously this doesn’t bode well for Hope, Eddie, and Reynold.

Doing It Right:

  • Corinne & Brenda – When we barely hear a peep out of two favorites, we’ll take it as a sign that they are quietly doing something important .
  • Sherri – Sherri has claimed Shamar as “Her Phillip” which is pretty darn smart. EVERYONE should have a Phillip. It works. All she has to do is keep the heat off him him. Performing poorly in the Reward Challenge herself is hardly the way to do that, but the blame doesn’t rest solely on her shoulders.
  • Laura – She should have had more gumption in speaking up, but ultimately she did speak up about Reynold’s Idol and painted a HUGE target on his back, presumably screwed up his plans, and probably did a lot in cementing her alliance’s confidence in her.

Doing It Wrong:

  • Reynold – We’re going to assume here that Reynold knows that he is in a minority alliance and give him major kudos for speaking up anyway against Shamar. Finding the Hidden Immunity Idol is great but what you do with it ultimately determines if you’re doing it right or wrong. Nervously admitting you have it when confronted with the flimsiest of evidence is plain stupid. Reynold is a dumb player.
  • Brandon – Brandon thinks he is channelling Uncle Russell, but really he is just trying really hard to be really hard, and it’s pretty pathetic. Erik might be enough of a fanboy to chuckle at Brandon for all of his hubris, but it’s not likely that it will affect anyone else like Brandon wants it to.
  • Shamar – Shamar skated the line last week between Doing It Right and Doing It Wrong, and this week he crossed the line into “Wrong” territory. Obviously no one cares that he made fire anymore, and he’s not doing anything important enough to justify his laziness. His fate at this point might very well lie in Sherri’s ability to deflect heat from him to someone else.
  • Phillip – Has anyone else in the history of this game tried so hard to be so much with so little success? Last week it was amusing enough to endear him just a bit, but calling himself the CEO of the tribe and telling people to their face that they are “mid-management” is just plain dumb. Cutting people down to their face has never worked in this game.

Friends & Foes:

  • Dawn vs. Brandon – By blowing up at Dawn regarding something that barely concerned him (Francesca’s fate last episode), Brandon demonstrates he is completely unstable. Nonetheless, Dawn was being way too sensitive in a game that is as cut-throat as Survivor.

Other Notes:

  • The Reward Challenge and Immunity Challenge were combined into one challenge and the reward was fishing equipment.

Other Episode Coverage:

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