Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 3 — “There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 3 — Theres Gonna Be Hell to Pay
Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Caramoan Episode 3 — “There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired February 27, 2013, covering night 5 through night 7

Reward/Immunity Challenge winners: Bikal (Favorites)

Eliminated: Hope – Being pretty is great for getting into the pretty people alliance. You still have to develop a game behind that.

Doing It Right:

  • Phillip – What he’s doing right has nothing to do with his gameplay. His gameplay is completely ridiculous and once the novelty of it wears off it will get him voted out for being annoying. But right now it’s holding together a tribe by giving something to laugh about. laying against players twice his height.
  • Reynold – Dude is not in a position to be laying it all out, talking about how he trusts no one and how they need him. Fortunately for him, even though his tribe is a mess they still recognize their need for strong players in challenges. Too many times tribes let alliances get in the way of the need to win in challenges.

Doing It Wrong:

  • Shamar – Saying you aren’t going to be the angry black man in Survivor doesn’t make you NOT the angry black man in Survivor. His soul-bearing at camp was touching but all it did was give ammo to his opponents in the tribe and give his alliance cause to worry about how stable he is in this game. This is the kind of thing you talk about with your closest friend, not the entire tribe.
  • Laura – Laura is playing skittishly and scared, and that rarely works well for people. Going behind your alliance’s back and planning to vote against them never does.
  • Brandon – Peeing in beans? Peeing in rice? Every week, the guy loses it more and more.

Friends & Foes:

  • Malcolm & Corinne – As Malcolm noted, their alliance was solidified by their finding of the Hidden Immunity Idol together. Malcolm might be the best thing Corinne has going on in this game. Unfortunately they got the attention of Andrea and Cochran and could have targets painted on their backs now.
  • Shamar vs. about everybody, but especially Eddie & Reynold – Sherri hit the nail on the head when she said that once you get on Shamar’s bad side there is no going back. These guys have done that, and even though a lot of people aren’t none too pleased with Shamar, egging him on by getting under his skin is not contributing to tribal harmony and is likely to get them in trouble sooner than Shamar or anyone else.

Other Notes:

  • The reward in the Reward/Immunity Challenge was comfort items (pillows, tarp, etc.).
  • Eddie, Hope, and Shamar all tied with 3 votes in the initial vote at Tribal Council, causing a second vote in which those three did not vote and the remaining players voted only for one of those three.

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