Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 5 — “Persona Non Grata”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 5 — Persona Non Grata

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Caramoan Episode 5 — “Persona Non Grata” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired March 13, 2013, covering night 10 through day 13

Reward Challenge winners: Bikal (Favorites) (barbecue)

Immunity Challenge winners: Gota (Fans)

Eliminated: Brandon – Well, that was new and different. It’s pretty ridiculous to feel like you need to control your ouster in this game, to the point where you would hurt even your allies by creating emotional trauma and damaging their food supplies. The kid could benefit from a good psych evaluation and some anger management classes. He has likely changed Bikal, and this incident is sure to get in their heads.

Doing It Right:

  • Reynold – His plan to eliminate weaker members isn’t doing what he had hoped, namely, making the tribe stronger, but he is invaluable now because he’s just about the only person stepping up in challenges, and he has the Hidden Immunity Idol again. it’s too hard to guess what Reynold’s future holds; he seems to still be an outsider in his own tribe and he’s too good of a challenge competitor to keep long into a merge, but if there is division in Bikal that he can step into he can buy himself some time. He really needs to step up and take control of and unite his tribe and be a leader to cement his value to other players in his tribe going forward, and stop acting like a back seat passenger like he did in dealing with Shamar. The best way to do this? Come up with a plan for his alliance, do what he can to include Julia, and establish his position with Sherri: if they aren’t merging, get her voted out, and if they are, bring her in as a vote her can control.

Doing It Wrong:

  • Phillip – We would like to praise Phillip for his strong Reward Challenge performance and his conduct during Brandon’s blowups, but the reality is that this was the turning point for him. With Brandon gone, Phillip is the most visible target (more so than Corinne, it seems), and Brandon calling him out for all of the ridiculous “Stealth-R-Us” schtick is likely to weigh on everyone else. Phillip would benefit greatly from laying very, very low, but we all know that is pretty unlikely. Notice that the two players voted out of Bikal have both been nemeses of Phillip?
  • Corinne – Her monologue at the gathering of the Immunity Challenge was one of the most annoying deliveries we’ve seen in this game. Can’t you just say that you’re forfeiting the challenge and be done with it?
  • Sherri – Bikal’s forfeiting of the challenge was a nice reprieve for Sherri, because with her poor showing at the Reward Challenge her value to the tribe is basically zero.

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Dalton Ross, Entertainment Weekly:

I do have to pause for the cause and give props to Phillip for his performance in the challenges this season. I don’t know if he truly is the next Larry Bird or Magic Johnson, as he claims, but the guy has played hard and played well. On the “not playing well” side, you have the Fans. Back at their beach, there is a full-on scramble to find the newly placed hidden immunity idol. Sherri, Michael, Matt, Julia, and Reynold are all busy searching high and low for the HII. But what Sherri, Michael, Matt, and Julia do not know is that they only hand out hidden immunity idols at the cool kids table AND THEY’RE NOT INVITED! So, due to process of elimination, Reynold finds it, exclaiming “This is how you play Survivor!” which is certainly a more potent way to play it than, say, forming a four person alliance in a tribe of 10.

Reality TV Calendar:

Michael is worried that with an idol, Reynold is too strong. Gee, Mike. Ya think? He can swim; he can throw; he can make fire; and he can do all of that better than you.

Christopher Spicer, BuddyTV:

Probst asks Brandon to come over to him, since I think Probst fears the first ever Survivor homicide. Brandon rambles on about how proud he is that he never cried, because again, he doesn’t understand how you actually win this game. He does succeed in making Andrea cry and causes poor Dawn to gasp for air. Brandon then takes his hatred off his entire tribe, and goes back to spewing venom on Phillip. His best insult ends up being “Super Spy Agent 3.0”, which I assume he spent the previous day thinking up. Phillip then tries to verbally dress down Brandon, but makes the mistake of talking about his kids, which causes Brandon to almost shoot fireballs from his eyes. The end result is the Immunity Idol goes to the Fans, and we have the first Tribal Council in Survivor history replacing the planned challenge right on the course.

Survivor’s Brandon Hantz: I Don’t Have Mental Problems (People)

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