Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 7 — “Tubby Lunchbox”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 7 — Tubby Lunchbox

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Caramoan Episode 7 — “Tubby Lunchbox” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired March 27, 2013, covering night 16 through night 19

Reward Challenge winners: Gota (coffee bar…a “diarrhea fest”, according to Dawn)

Immunity Challenge winners: Gota

Eliminated: Julia – Cochran basically confirmed what we’ve assessed – she was useless in this game outside of Phillip’s head. And worse, she believed that she needed to do what he suggested to stay in the game. If you weren’t sure about Julia’s position in the game, consider the two people who are talking strategy with: Phillip and Dawn. And wasn’t tonight her first confessional?

Doing It Right:

  • Malcolm – Still cool and calculating, Malcolm made a big move by setting up an alliance among what he calls the “Alpha Males”: Reynold, Eddie, & Erik. It’s hard to tell if he is really making this is main alliance, but it seems pretty real, especially considering he wasn’t strong on his original alliance.
  • Reynold – First Malcolm approached him to form an alliance which might just have saved his life in this game, then he put together a dominating Immunity Challenge performance that won his team Immunity. Things are almost looking positive for this former hapless loser.

Doing It Wrong:

  • Phillip – For all his bravado and feats of strength he singlehandedly lost the Reward Challenge, both in his strategy and in falling down. Gotta love playing the WWBRD (What Would Boston Rob Do?) strategy, though.
  • Corinne – Uh, Corinne? You don’t have any idol. Ask Malcolm who his idol belongs to. Also interesting was Phillip’s comment that she was not part of the core alliance (and Dawn’s confirmation), which might mean that Malcolm’s alliance with Reynold is his primary alliance after all.

Other Notes

  • The episode title comes form Corinne’s assessment of Phillip’s much-ballyhooed physique.
  • Tribal Council initially resulted in a 3-3 tie between Michael and Julia, a plan to flush out a potential Hidden Immunity Idol.

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Christopher Spicer, BuddyTV

At the start of the challenge, Phillip refuses to run. His argument is that he needs to conserve his strength, because everyone will be giving him their sandbags soon. It isn’t too long before half of his own tribe is pulling him along, but this obviously must be some amazing secret agent strategy. Dawn, Julia and Cochran eventually opt out, and Corinne ends up with their sandbags. Phillip continues to tell his tribe to walk, which allows Gota to gain on them quickly. Phillip then reveals his big strategy when he falls in the water and allows Gota to catch Bikal. This was a slaughter. Malcolm and Reynold congratulate themselves on their brilliant strategy, which I assume was “send subliminal messages to Bikal so they listen to Phillip.”

Logan Huffman, Reality TV Calendar

Malcolm remains in first place this week. He has hatched a new plan, and while the Bikal tribe also has a four person alliance, Malcolm’s seems much more planned out, plus the others on his tribe will likely stand behind him for a while, and by the time they realize his plan, it will probably be too late. Malcolm looks to be in a great position.


Everyone, and I mean everyone is pretty tired of Philip’s nonsense, but Corinne is the one who hates him the most. The funny thing is she is probably the next least self aware player in the game. I mean, she correctly blames Philip for the reward challenge loss. His strategy and lack of speed did kill them. But then she claims she could have taken all the weight and beaten the other tribe single handedly. Now thats self delusion. You know, she’s not bad. But she isn’t exactly Tom Westman. Then later on, she’s sticking her neck out for Michael. She doesn’t want to split the votes, she doesn’t want Michael to be upset by any votes going his way, even though Julia is the ultimate target. Now Michael is a grown man, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to get upset about a couple of votes thrown his way. He’ll just be happy he’s not going home. Its strategy, he’ll get that. The big thing is though, it comes off like Corinne wants the other favorites to support the personal relationship she’s fostering with Michael. What’s in it for them? I think she’s coming off a little selfish. I sort of see why Cochran and Dawn seem to be sticking with Philip.

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