Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 8 — “Blindside Time”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 8 — Blindside Time

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Caramoan Episode 8 — “Blindside Time” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired April 3, 2013, covering night 19 through night 22

Reward Challenge winner: None

Immunity Challenge winner: Cochran

Eliminated: Corinne – We see so much behind the scenes stuff that it’s rare you get to see a moment of clarity like Cochran did when he realized that Corinne had been pulling the strings all along and realize right along with him what had been going on. Compare Corinne’s attempt at seizing control of this game with Malcolm’s – his was quiet and behind the scenes, and hers this week was loud, obnoxious, and all over the place.

Doing It Right:

  • Dawn – Dawn doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in this game, but she’s doing it right by making us feel good about her intentions in this game. The part about a million dollars putting her kids through college and changing their lives and her resolve to not let her game slip because of that potential…that was pretty great. And she’s smart enough to keep those thoughts to herself, because as soon as she is seen as a sympathetic vote (if she isn’t already) she’s gone.
  • Cochran – Stuff like his recap of Eddie’s woes over gross food challenges damaging his love life shows why Cochran is going to get a job hosting a Survivor recap show or something along those lines. His performance in the gross food eating Immunity Challenge was dominant like we are unlikely to see for the rest of this game, and earned him the nickname “Ginger Kobayashi” from Malcolm. But even better, he stepped up and made a move to shake things up and vote out Corinne, maybe not even knowing just how huge that move was.

Doing It Wrong:

  • Malcolm – Malcolm was looking great going into tonight’s episode. But he didn’t seal up his alliance with Erik, and because of that his closest ally Corinne is gone. This is a huge blow. He plays a good enough game to be able to pull off another big move, and fortunately he seems to be out of the limelight as far as being identified as a ringleader, but if he is doing something to pull in Dawn it means he needs to work hard to break up a fairly strong alliance using one of the most reluctant members to change.
  • Phillip – Every week, Phillip toes the line between doing it right and doing it wrong. Annoying your allies to the point they want to vote you off is bad, but if he is managing to be the crazy guy everyone wants to take to the end of the game, that’s about as right as you can get. But that, too, is a fine line to toe, and he’s close to toeing the wrong side of it.

Other Notes

  • The tribes merged on day 20, moved to the Bikal camp, and received green buffs. They took the name Enil Edam, which Malcolm came up with from the reverse spelling of his mother’s name.
  • The episode title came from a quote by Corinne, who excitedly noted after reuinting with Malcolm that she had never been part of a blindside.

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Christopher Spicer, BuddyTV

Corinne admits outright that she is willing to take in anyone who will give her a chance to stay in control of the game. The rest of the Favorites act like such a thing doesn’t bother them. Meanwhile, Sherri plays the scared little sheep by saying the Fans have no chance. Reynold tries to be all sneaky by stating he thinks the vote will be predictable tonight, but a big shocker will come soon. You can sense Malcolm, Corinne, Eddie and Reynold are just ready to burst over their devious plan. A plan that works much better when you don’t rat it out to the opposition.

The vote goes down, and the alliance of six is ready to squeal for delight when Sherri’s name comes up five times. Then it all crumbles when Corinne’s name comes up seven times. Sadly, it is the end of Corinne who started to become a really competitive player. She really should have kept the plan to the six, because likely everyone would have followed voting out Sherri. Now, it will be interesting to see if Malcolm can recover his game and possibly sneak back into the Favorite alliance.

Interview with Corinne, People Magazine

Were there ever any lighthearted moments?
Phillip had demands constantly, and he wanted his rice cooked a certain way. I wanted to tell him to cook his own damn rice, but whatever. So at the merge, Eddie and I started cooking the rice and we made WAY too much while Phillip was away. Like the pot was boiling over, and rice was spilling; it was everywhere. Eddie and I realized we had to eat the rice before Phillip came back, so we were scooping it into our mouth when it was hot and not altogether cooked. We were burning our mouths and swearing and laughing so hard that I was almost wetting my pants. There were light moments; you just didn’t see them on TV.

Interview with Corinne, Hollywood Reporter

I was more hurt than surprised (at Dawn’s betrayal). Honestly, they showed very little of this, but she was my best friend out there. I cared very much for her. The reason I told her is because she was slowly melting down. She went to the well and cried. She was hysterical when Brandon was voted out. She was my best friend and I wanted her to feel safe. I presented her with options to soothe her and give her comfort. She started to freak out, so we went to the well and I said, “Listen, there are a lot of options for us. We’re in a good situation. We’re not power players. We’re not going to get voted out. We can flip if we want.” I kept saying, “we, we, we, her and I.” Everyone is saying, “Why the hell did you tell Dawn?” But we were in an alliance, and I thought we were going to the end. I presented her options and tried to make her feel better. I didn’t say, “Let’s do it.” I said, “Here are our options.” I don’t know why she would burn somebody who was so good to her for so long. For 22 days, I held her hand while she cried.

Have you spoken to her since you were voted out?

I refuse to, actually. I didn’t give her my phone number. She’s sent me a lot of letters on Facebook, apologizing. I think she genuinely feels badly about it, but she stole the game from me. She stole memories from me that I can’t get back. It’s hard to forgive that. If it hadn’t happened, I would have been friends with her forever. I would have met her kids. I genuinely adored her. She took away something I’ll never get back. That’s hard to forgive.

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3 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    How is it that someone as annoying as Phillip who seems to be the root of every problem and dislike in this game doesn’t get a single vote? Loyalty I guess…?

  2. Reg says:

    She needed more gays. 🙁

  3. GhostOfJennLyon says:

    Erik, you idiot. As if we didn’t already know how big of an idiot, giving his idol away because he was gaga for a girl. Now he goes gaga for a girl and it takes him out of a strong and secret alliance. AND SHE’S ALREADY IN LOVE WITH EDDIE.

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