Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 9 — “Cut Off the Head of the Snake”

Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Caramoan Episode 9 — Cut Off the Head of the Snake

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Caramoan Episode 9 — “Cut Off the Head of the Snake” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired April 10, 2013, covering day 23 through night 25

Reward Challenge winners: Eddie, Erik, Michael, Cochran, & Reynold (waterfall adventure with picnic)

Immunity Challenge winner: Brenda

Eliminated: Michael – Michael has been a non-factor for a long time, and it really seemed like his speech during Tribal Council was the most game he’s played so far this season. This was a placeholder vote, done because nobody was sure if they were able to make the big move they wanted to, and likely would have been the vote they made soon anyway.

Doing It Right:

  • Dawn – Where did Dawn come from all of the sudden?! She’s not falling for anything, she’s gather info, and she’s using emotion in an incredibly effective way. She’s a better secret agent than Phillip could ever hope to be. The only person that knows she can’t be trusted is Corinne and she’s gone. If she can’t pull herself together then it’s all moot, but right now no one is playing a better game.
  • Cochran – It might have been easy to get caught up in the testosterone-fueled chest thumping after the Reward Challenge, but he led them on and kept a clear head. His position in his alliance is good and he’s seems to be good with people in his opposing alliance, meaning he’s not a target.

Doing It Wrong:

  • Malcolm – Malcolm lost out on reward, made a few desperation pitches which couldn’t have been more transparent, and totally lucked his way into not losing everything when his plan blew up. He’s so desperate to make a move and so eager to abandon his alliance to do so that he’s throwing every opportunity he has to keep people close right out the window. And not only that, his stunt at Tribal Council basically eliminated any of the fake goodwill he had with Andrea and, more importantly, Dawn.
  • Andrea – Evaluating Andrea for this episode is tough, because it’s not clear how far she’s falling in with Eddie. In her confessionals she acts like she’s keeping a level head, but she clearly is not. Her frantic flipping also makes her look weak, particularly in Cochran’s mind. But her position is safe, she did her job in getting info, and even though the plan had to be adjusted a little, it’s still on.
  • Reynold – He fell for showing Dawn the idol, bullied her into not making a move against her, then gave the Idol away. Never. Give. The Idol. Away. EVER.
  • Eddie – What a dope. He revealed Reynold’s idol to Andrea and told her of the plan to vote her out. He might have completely botched any chance he or his alliance had in this game, especially considering his blabbing to Andrea about her being voted for caused Reynold to lose his idol.

Other Notes

  • The Reward Challenge involved a schoolyard pick ’em for which Sherri was not picked and could not participate on the reward.

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Christopher Spicer, BuddyTV:

Malcolm tries to do some of his scheming magic while the rest of his alliance is enjoying a picnic. Malcolm mentions in a confessional that this is the time to make the big move and take control of the game. Apparently, Malcolm believes that “big move” means “do the exact same stupid thing that Corinne did.” Malcolm goes to Dawn and reveals his entire plan to her. Um Malcolm, who do you think ratted out Corinne last time? In the defense of Malcolm, he doesn’t totally pull a Corinne, because he also gives up his whole plan to Sherri. This time there are two people who get to rat him out to Andrea. Then Phillip, who just a half hour ago was praising Malcolm, warns in confessional that Malcolm will learn what happens when someone dares to try to blindside a secret agent. Oh yeah Phillip, no one can put anything past you as long as Andrea keeps doing all your work for you.

It was a new Dawn on the latest episode of “Survivor: Caramoan.” The English professor revealed a scheming side no one knew she had and decided to make a big move: Get rid of Malcolm, one of the game’s biggest threats. Malcolm, meanwhile, came out of his season-long slumber and decided to make a big move: Join with some Fans and take out one of his old alliance members. Brenda, the Favorite who owns a paddleboard company, came out from under the radar – I didn’t even know who she was until last week – and made a big move: She won the Immunity Challenge. And Cochran, the Favorite who is studying law, went far to shed his geeky image by making the hardest move of all: He rappelled down a waterfall. It was a show of twists and turns, of equal parts drama and confusion. In the end, Dawn and her group, afraid that Malcolm would play an Immunity Idol, voted off Michael, who had lost his biggest supporter last week when Corinne was blindsided. It was highly entertaining and chock full of good moments

Michael Snow, interviewed by People:

Dawn is very maternal, and then she’s turning around and backstabbing you. When you put yourself in that motherly role, people take it a lot more personally when you turn on them.

Cochran is making everyone smile. He’s laid back, sitting in the chair with his legs crossed. Cochran is charming everyone along the way, while Dawn is coming across as the hard-ass. When Cochran votes you off, it’s like being voted off by a brother who’s playing the game really hard. When Dawn votes you off, it’s like being betrayed by your mom.

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