Photo of Ben Wade offers evidence of his performance on Survivor: Tocantins

Ben Wade

Posters from the and Survivor Sucks forums have posted information and a photo about Survivor: Tocantins contestant Ben Wade taken after filming.

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From poster “smokeitgood” on Survivor Sucks:

In a thread at the forum, leolady (who lives where Ben conducts his symphony) posted the following:

I talked to folks who attended the December 12th symphony performance and they said Ben Wade had lost about 60 pounds since they last saw him, he was using a walking stick/cane (which he never needed before) and looked like he had been through the wringer. He has said there were would be an announcement on National TV after the superbowl that would “bring Susanville and the Symphony attention”

The poster also posted the following picture, showing Wade with significant weight loss – not likely 60 pounds, but significant nonetheless:

Ben Wade photo, taken after filming of Survivor: Tocantins

As pointed out in subsequent posts, the weight loss could conceivably occurred in some other adventure; Wade is an avid outdoorsman who set a world record for the longest solo kayak expedition on the ocean (6,132 miles) and has traveled all over the world.

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Perez says:

    The same effect could come from a parasite.

  2. ex soccer player says:

    By KBbaby on Apr 23, 2009 | Reply

    I think that all of this is so funny because of the fact in 2003 he was my soccer coach, and a big douche bag then as he is now. None of his “Stories” are real, and they are just stories. He is a fraud. Nothing more then that. He can be very moving, but he is also a weirdo…. The fact that he was banging my roomate in the dorms, when he had said that he hadnt had sex in 2 years. I am just in shock that his face is one TV. i hope people can see through the lies of this self rightous man.

  3. Jane says:

    it’s funny KB baby, he called you a liar too. Based on his treatment of me? I’m more inclined to believe you. What’s really funny is that he has completely disappeared from everyone’s radar. I don’t think he is in Samoa right now. I do think that Lassen Community College gave a pass on hiring him…

  4. Hello_Kitty says:

    Doesn’t the Survivor review team do a thorough mental evaluation on the people they are considering for their reality shows? I think coach told that lie of a story so many times that he probably really did beleive it. He should be taking Thorazine or something! LOL

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