Photo of Ben Wade offers evidence of his performance on Survivor: Tocantins

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Perez says:

    The same effect could come from a parasite.

  2. ex soccer player says:

    By KBbaby on Apr 23, 2009 | Reply

    I think that all of this is so funny because of the fact in 2003 he was my soccer coach, and a big douche bag then as he is now. None of his “Stories” are real, and they are just stories. He is a fraud. Nothing more then that. He can be very moving, but he is also a weirdo…. The fact that he was banging my roomate in the dorms, when he had said that he hadnt had sex in 2 years. I am just in shock that his face is one TV. i hope people can see through the lies of this self rightous man.

  3. Jane says:

    it’s funny KB baby, he called you a liar too. Based on his treatment of me? I’m more inclined to believe you. What’s really funny is that he has completely disappeared from everyone’s radar. I don’t think he is in Samoa right now. I do think that Lassen Community College gave a pass on hiring him…

  4. Hello_Kitty says:

    Doesn’t the Survivor review team do a thorough mental evaluation on the people they are considering for their reality shows? I think coach told that lie of a story so many times that he probably really did beleive it. He should be taking Thorazine or something! LOL

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