CBS bans Brandon Hantz from Survivor: Caramoan reunion show

CBS bans Brandon Hantz from Survivor reunion show

Reality Blurred is reporting that Survivor: Caramoan castaway Brandon Hantz has been banned from Sunday’s Reunion show, reportedly due to fear or discomfort on the part of Phillip Sheppard.

Brandon Hantz won’t be present for the Survivor Caramoan reunion on Sunday, having apparently been told he cannot attend by CBS and/or the show’s producers. Meanwhile, Russell Hantz has threatened Phillip Sheppard, even suggesting he’ll go to jail as a result of whatever he does to Phillip.

Further commentary was offered by Brandon’s uncle Russell Hantz, who confirmed the ban and challenged Phillip to a fight.

Via RealityBlurred.

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4 Responses

  1. Dorothy Willis says:

    Why don’t they ban Russell too? Why does there have to be so much animosity? People at home want to see a happy ending, not a brawl, for Heaven’s sake!

  2. RickinBC says:

    Seriously? The whole Hantz family should never be allowed on any show anywhere ever!!! They are simply media whores and do not realize that their 15 minutes has expired. Hopefully we will never see these clowns ever again.
    Omarosa and the Hantz family….yep!!! Nice society we live in.

  3. RichinIA says:

    I’ve had enough of low class, bullying, ignorant, inbred, hotheaded Hantzes. If they ever get exposure on another reality show, not only will I not watch it, I will email carpet bomb all network executives and sponsors of my intention to boycott future reality shows and all sponsors products.

  4. yovan says:

    in my opinion russell was the greatest player in survivor history. I mean come on the guy found 2 idols with no clues, masterminded a following and played a perfect game two times. Only reason he didnt win both times was because the jury members were all pissed at him cause they were not in the top 3. Had it been a national audience voting at the end he would have won hands down. I really hope he comes back. Having said that, Brandon a bipolar hipo who uses god as a crutch when it benefits him. He should have never been invited back.

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