REVENGE OF THE NERD: John Cochran wins Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites

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2 Responses

  1. Toots says:



    SO. HOT.

  2. Kini1959 says:

    I absolutely love Survivor and I was hoping for Cochran or Brenda to win. Cochran is truly in a league of his own, Brenda was taken down in true Survivor form; however, it broke my heart to see her leave after being such a great player and a beautiful young woman. Both sets of parents should be very proud of their children, they raised great kids! I do hope the producers will quit bringing people back! Returning players, regardless of what anyone else says, do have an unfair advantage in the game and it just isn’t right. I hope and pray the “Hanson” family is never asked to play again because our entire neighborhood almost quit watching due to Brandon’s juvenile behavior! Anyway, congratulations to Cochran, Brenda you deserved the $100,000.00 and I am sorry you didn’t get it and Dawn, you may be a good person and mother to your 6 adopted children, but you need to stay home because your break downs were your demise! Also, Sherrie, kudos for not taking the crap they were trying to throw on you! Everyone in our neighborhood and in our house were giving you a standing ovation! It didn’t help you, but you knew they weren’t going to give you the money anyway, so why not defend yourself! You made it to the finals, whether you were a big strategists or you just stayed under the radar, you were still in the final 3 and the rest of them weren’t! You go girl!:)

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