PUZZLE MOM POWER — The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 1

PUZZLE MOM POWER -- The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 1

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 1 — “Blood Is Thicker Than Anything” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired September 18, 2013, covering day 1 through night 3

Reward/Immunity Challenge winner: Galang

Voted Out: 1st – Laura B. & Candace

Marissa – Hopefully there was more to her vote off than just her association with Gervais, because keeping Katie the buffoon around after her pitiful performance in the challenge is stupidity.

Eliminated: None

Doing It Right:

Laura B. – Laura could have wallowed in self pity after getting voted off but she worked hard to fit in with the tribe and seems to have fit in well.

Laura Morett

Laura M. – Wow. Not to take anything from Tina, who also performed very well alongside Laura in the challenge, but Laura dominated that puzzle like nothing we’ve seen. Laura is a game changer – Tadhana has a lot to fear when they’re faced with puzzle-based challenges in this game.

Vytas – Vytas cmae across as kind of creepy at first, but his willingness to lay out his past and be honest seems to have endeared him to the tribe, even to the girls to whom he is not aligned.

Tyson – You cannot overvalue the ability to whip up a fire like Tyson did. Simple as that.

Doing It Wrong:

Rupert & Laura

Rupert – Besides the fact that he willingly put his tribe at a disadvantage by taking himself out of camp, Rupert stupidly sent his wife to join a tribe that, minutes earlier, voted someone out because they didn’t know her well.

Colton – Colton is great for drama, but for the most part he’s been nothing but whiny and absolutely useless. At least we got some of the old Colton threatening to smack Kat in the head with a paddle.

Brad – Brad seems to be a pretty decent leader, but he’s not totally respected in the tribe and he seems to be full of smoke and hot air. And the guy. Cannot. Count. Nine and four, buddy. It’s not hard.

Gervais – Uncle Gervais made negative contribution in the challenge and doomed his niece thanks to his showmanship. Ironic that his boasts of “this is how it’s done” were made to the very people who just showed him how it was done, because he had no input whatsoever in that puzzle.

Other Notes

  • Tribe names are Galang (returning players) and Tadhana (their loved ones)
  • Rupert took his wife Laura’s place on Redemption Island, sending her to Galang.

Other Episode Coverage:

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Dalton Ross, EW:

Then it comes time for the returnees to vote. It is a split decision between Candice and the other Laura, with Aras becoming my instant hero by voting for Gervase and his Philadelphia Eagles shirt and explaining, “I’m a Washington Redskins fan.” I don’t necessarily think that is true, because if so, I’m sure Aras and I would have had numerous conversations about my beloved football team, but I do know this: That vote was camouflage. None of them will admit it, but my take from my pre-game interviews is that Aras, Gervase and Tina struck an alliance before they ever left the United States. Unfortunately, this is commonplace on seasons with returning players. RC — who was sent home from location with her dad just two days before filming began due to his medical condition — had pre-game alliances as well and even tweeted to me about it.

Pregame alliances were rampant before the Caramoan season as well, and always have been whenever there is a large group of returning players. (So much for the show’s original premise of complete strangers meeting each other and having to work things out on the fly.) In this case,  Aras, Gervase and Tina all mentioned each other to me as people they wanted to play with, so Aras’ vote for Gervase — which was made knowing he was completely safe — served the dual purpose of Aras not angering anyone else (like Candice or Laura M.) while also keeping their alliance a secret. Smart.

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