KAT NIPPED — The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 6

KAT NIPPED -- The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 6

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 6 — “One-Man Wrecking Ball” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired October 23, 2013, covering night 13 through night 16

Reward/Immunity Challenge winner: Tadhana (reward: turkey, roast, beef, ham, and other picnic supplies)

Voted Out: Kat – So let me get this straight, Kat — you want to get rid of Monica for over-strategizing, but then you vocalize this and everyone finds out, meaning your strategizing was every bit as loud and caustic as Monica’s? She was so desperate and pathetic at Tribal Council that it’s a wonder anyone would even consider taking an alliance with her any further.

Eliminated: Brad

Player Notes:


Tyson – It’s great to see Tyson making moves, better still to see him making moves he’s not entirely comfortable with. It remains to be seen if he can gather the support he would need to dethrone Aras, and of course we know that Gervase has (or had) an alliance with Aras before the show started.

Monica – Monica is now in the exact position Aras wanted her in – but with the tribe switch will it matter for either of them? Monica made a great move approaching Kat and calling her out for wanting to vote Monica out.

Vytas – Put in a very, very tough position, Vytas made the most of it and did a good job adjusting his personality to fit in with his tribe. He did an even better job picking up the ball and running with Tina’s blame shifting onto Kat. All that said, with the obvious scapegoat out of the way he’s got some major strategizing to do to stay in this game past any further Tribal Councils.

Tina & Laura B. – Forgetting to get the fish trap with the puzzle piece might have been the biggest challenge performance flub we’ve ever see in this game. THEN – to blow it so badly on the puzzle…this is the kind of thing that gets you voted out, ladies. But Tina made a very smart move in exposing Kat’s plan to vote out Monica. The shots of Tina taking it all in at Tribal Council when she was the reason they were even there was pretty entertaining.

Katie – How awkward and embarrassing must that have been to see your mom screw up that badly in a challenge, then listen to the rest of the tribe lament over how stupid it was?

Other Notes:

Laura M. won the Redemption Island challenge and gave the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Vytas, who immediately threw it in the fire.

A switch occurred and the new teams are:

Tadhana: Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Hayden, Caleb, Ciera

Galang: Vytas, Katie, Tina, Monica, Laura B., Kat

Other Episode Coverage:

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