Mike Skupin dodges accusations of shady business practices

Mike Skupin dodges accusations of shady business practices

Former Survivor contestant Mike Skupin was recently featured on Detroit-area news station FOX 2’s “Hall Of Shame” segment in regards to questionable ethics and practices surrounding his venture, Pay it Forward.

Reporter Rob Wolchek approached Skupin several times after repeated rebuffs with accusations that Pay It Forward was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and that Skupin’s recent run-ins with the law offered further proof that he and his business are unethical. Wolchek claims he has been approached by investors who believe they have been duped by Skupin.

Via FOX 2 News.

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2 Responses

  1. Esteban says:

    Say it ain’t so, Michael!!
    First, Richard Hatch, now Michael Skupin?

  2. Blink says:

    Richard Hatch is actually a stand-up guy compared to the likes of Skupin. Remember, the ‘con’ in con-man stands for confidence…confidence men are as old as time.

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