THIRD TIME’S A CHARM — Tyson Apostol wins Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

THIRD TIME'S A CHARM -- Tyson Apostol wins Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 14 — “It’s My Night” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired December 15, 2013, covering night 35 through night 39

The Winner

Tyson – A Monica win would have been OK but Tyson’s talent for manipulation and his loyalty won out in the end. The more humane Tyson that Jeff pointed out and the reunion show was jarring at times, but the emotion he showed whenever talking about Rachel was genuine and that showed particularly true in the final Tribal Council.

The sneers and snickers from the jury throughout the season made Tyson’s standing with them seem worse than it was, but in reality, aside from his jury comment to Katie, Tyson was extremely likable and his unwavering loyalty to Monica and even Ciera – even when it was clear that they weren’t his equals in the alliance – surely helped.

Everyone Else:


Monica – Huh. What did Monica do wrong? She was strong, she dominated in challenges, she was likable and well-liked, she was loyal to her alliance and made no enemies…is it just as simple as her not being as good as Tyson? And if so, what did Tyson do that Monica didn’t? We don’t have an answer because it’s kind of baffling how someone that played so well received only one single jury vote.

More likely than anything is that it had to do with her perception with the jury. Why else would they constantly be asking her questions to prove herself when she showed everyone everything she had – and authoritatively? Could it really have been that they just didn’t believe what they saw in her, even though she didn’t give them any reason not to?

This is the most puzzling we’ve found any jury vote. It’s not that Tyson didn’t win, it’s that Monica wasn’t even close even though her game was just as good.

Gervase – Gervase did a decent job of planting doubt in people’s minds about Tyson’s dominations, but it wasn’t quite enough and he didn’t have the challenge dominance that Tyson did to put him on the same level. His outburst at Monica – while in and of itself didn’t likely hurt him – was indicative of the lack of control he had around others. And in a game where loyalty seemed to be held in higher regard than other attributes, his admission that he was ready for a chance to vote out Tyson – who was completely loyal to his alliance – didn’t win him any jury votes.


Ciera – Watching Ciera’s game evolve and improve was a treat and it was great to see her grow up and make the big moves late in the game that she did. As we always say, hindsight is always 20/20, but had she figured things out and played better earlier in the game, or possibly worked on Tyson to convince him that Monica was a threat, she would likely have had a completely different ending to her story.

Tina – We always get someone who hangs around in the end who shouldn’t be there, but Tina’s late presence in this game was one of the few low points in an otherwise great season. Other than her fluke Redemption Island victory (which required her to stand motionless and not be slow), her challenge performances were embarrassing, her social game was nonexistent, and she made a constant habit of aligning herself with people who had no footing or influence in the game. So – congratulations on being the least bad player of this game, we guess?

Final Thoughts On This Season

We weren’t sure about the viability of Blood vs. Water, but it ended up being probably the best gimmick this game has introduced. It came to a point with Ciera’s voting for her mother, but all season the constant strategizing based on alliances that had formed before the game even began added a great new element to the game. This was especially true for deciding who to send to Redemption Island and how it would affect people in opposing alliances. It’s a gimmick we wouldn’t mind seeing again – as long as they keep Rupert out of it.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Share them in the comments below!

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