GENIUS HAS ITS LIMITS — The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1

GENIUS HAS ITS LIMITS -- The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 — “Hot Girl With A Grudge” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired February 26, 2014, covering day 1 through night 6

First Immunity/Reward Challenge winner:  Solana (Beauty) (1st) (fire making kit), Appari (Brawn) (2nd) (flint)

Second Immunity/Reward Challenge winner:  Appari (1st) (large fishing kit), Solana (2nd) (small fishing kit)


First Voted Out: David – Newsflash, David – you aren’t playing for yourself and your decisions as a leader need to benefit the tribe. Ostracizing Garrett right out of the gates was a stupid move, but you can hardly expect anything different from the “brains” behind the worst team in baseball. How easy would it have been to lie to Garrett and tell him he was chosen because he could beat the other two in the event of a pre-game challenge among the voted out players?


Second Voted Out: Garrett – Watching Garrett hang himself during the second half of this episode was watching one of the most amazingly condensed falls from grace this game has ever seen. To not be able to beat out a sure goner like J’Tia – WHO DESTROYED ALL OF THE TRIBE’S FOOD – is completely astounding. Worst player ever?

Player Notes:

Tasha – If you want to play the game by talking behind people’s backs you need to endear yourself to people to have people to talk to. Tasha isn’t likable enough to play the game how she wants to play it, so she needs to adapt and play how everyone else is playing.


Morgan – It’s easy to dismiss Morgan as one dimensional with little to offer but if the lie she came up with about choosing supplies for her tribe is any indication, there’s more to her than the two obvious things she brings to the table. She’s already shown more brains than the entire Brains tribe. But if she makes it to the merge and it comes out what the opening decision really was she could find herself in deep trouble.

Trish – Taking the bag of rice was nice and won her favor with her tribe, but if she’s going to do things like passive aggressively tell Lindsey she needs to do work around camp it’s going to get pretty easy to forget where the second bag of rice came from.

Sarah – Sarah seemed like one of the least notable players before the game started but she proved observant right off the bat by pegging Tony as having a “cop look” and she destroyed in the second challenge puzzle. She’s contributing and performing well but doesn’t seem to be sticking out in doing so.

Tony – “King Uh Thuh Junguh” did a good job locating the Hidden Immunity Idol, but lying to Sarah about being a cop  and then turning around and coming clean as shown in the preview for next week was completely boneheaded. His moaning and groaning after finding the idol was nauseating. And does he really think no one will notice his ridiculous “spy shack”?


J’Tia – It’s funny – our first thought about J’Tia was that it was easy to feel bad for her because it doesn’t seem like she’s as terrible as she came off during the shelter construction. She was clearly, genuinely hurt that she was perceived negatively when she was just stepping into a role that needed to be stepped into. She didn’t succeed, but no one else did either. But then – the rice. It was an unbelievably stupid move, but this tribe is so unbelievably dysfunctional that they didn’t even think it was the worst thing they had going for them. If nothing else, J’Tia’s preservation skills in the first two Tribal Councils – after losing two challenges for her tribe and destroying their food supply – have been nothing short of legendary.

Kass – Rough spot for Kass; certainly she has a brutally honest quality that demonstrates a clear-headed and logical ability to think. But putting all her eggs in the David basket put her on the wrong side of the vote and in trouble early. What she does have going for her is that almost everyone else in her tribe is demonstratively worse than her.


Brice – Brice seems to be the most socially strategic player; we got a lot of people making snap judgements about people but Brice was the only one who seemed to be making observations and acting accordingly.

Lindsey – Great Trish impression, and that’s all she had to offer so far. Get her out of there.

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