SEE YA, J’TIA — The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 3

SEE YA, JTIA -- The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 3

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Cagayan Episode 3 — “It’s Our Time To Shine” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired March 12, 2014, covering night 8 through night 11

Reward Challenge winner:  Solana (Beauty) (1st) (3 hens & rooster), Appari (Brawn) (2nd) (dozen eggs)

Immunity Challenge winner:  Solana (Beauty) (1st), Appari (Brawn) (2nd)

Voted Out: J’Tia – The only surprise to J’Tia’s ouster was that there was any consideration to not voting her out. How was she even in the game? Who lets a player stay in this game when they destroy the tribe’s food supply? The worst tribe in the history of the game, that’s who.

Player Notes:


No one could believe J’Tia made it this far, but we’re baffled as to how Tasha is still around. Her coaching efforts before challenges have been useless, her decisions once she finally does make up her mind have been disastrous, and more than any other moron on the “Brains” tribe she embodies the failure that this team has met time after time.

Last week we floated the idea that Morgan is the villain of this season and she played that up beautifully in this episode by throwing Jeremiah under the bus the first chance that she got. Only Spencer benefits more in the upcoming switch, and if Morgan can use her self-professed charm on a couple of new boys in her next tribe there’s no reason to think she can’t take this to the end.

Hopefully, with a tribe switch around the corner, Spencer realizes he has nothing at all left to prove to a tribe that almost preferred the worst player left in the game to him, he who had been the only real contributor for this tribe. He survived the first stage of this game and it’s over – get out now, Spencer!


Has Sarah ever seen an episode of Survivor? Throwing a challenge has never worked and has almost always completely backfired. Her cop loyalty is going to cost her and her tribe and is blinding her to potential allies that could have been useful between the switch and the merge. The idea of throwing a challenge and being willing to go down a member when the Beauty tribe has proven that they are right there in it with Brawn – especially considering her bad info comes from completely and unquestionably trusting someone solely because they have the same job – is astounding.

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