DRUNK PUNKED: Randy Run by Imitation Idol

DRUNK PUNKED: Randy Run by Imitation Idol

“Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars” Tempers flare and and tensions strain during the Survivor auction and set events in motion that lead to Randy’s self-destruction – but not before receiving a parting gift from Sugar with help from Bob.

We hope those viewers who are glad to see Randy go – and there are bound to be plenty of them – will be pleased with what will inevitably be a mind-numbingly dull remainder of this season. Randy was the only decent source of entertainment this season.

You couldn’t miss the sickened look on Bob’s face while the rest of Bagon yucked it up about Randy’s fake idol. Could Bob be regretting what he did to his former ally? Was there more to Sugar’s deal than what we got to see? Sugar seemed to have gotten Matty to back down from voting off Bob, so if she was able to do that it’s possible that she is much more powerful in her alliance than it seems. If she can use Bob to work with Matty and herself, she might have a way to break up Crystal and Kenny. It will be interesting to see how Bob explains himself to Corinne next episode.

For the sake of the viewers, we wish that more Survivors were allowed to take baths. It’s nice to not have to look at Susie with grime dripping off her hair, but why on Earth would she keep wearing that disgusting shirt when she got new clothes? If there was a Survivor museum that shirt would be in it; it’s not that it’s just dirty, it’s a deep, greasy filth that looks like it will never come off. Ever.

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