MALE MODEL FAIL — The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 9

MALE MODEL FAIL -- The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 9

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Cagayan Episode 9 — “Sitting In My Spy Shack” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired April 23, 2014, covering night 25 through night 28

Reward Challenge winners: Tasha, Jefra, Jeremiah, & Spencer (barbecue lunch)

Immunity Challenge winner: Tasha

Voted Out: Jeremiah – Jeremiah’s idea of making a big move is to reveal to his alliance that he’s a fashion model. Hard to imagine why a guy with no game like this is gone.

In This Episode:

If Jefra was flip-flopping for strategic reasons and making calculated moves needed to get herself further in the game it would be one thing. But this girl has no idea what is going on. Her huge mistake in continually criticizing Tony cemented her status as a voting buddy who will be dropped as soon as the numbers are favorable. It would have been smarter to say her piece, let things play out, then make her move when the time is right. But Jefra doesn’t have a strategic bone in her body and that kind of play would never be in the cards.


It’s good to know that even though we haven’t heard from Kass in a few episodes – because she has done nothing – she  is still the hypocrite she was when she complained about Sarah and Morgan stealing the spotlight. This week’s gem came during her plea with Jefra to not vote against Tony, claiming, “Whenever you get rid of someone in this game that is annoying you you screw yourself.” Kass, of course, has done this twice, and is playing this game on emotion more than even Jefra.

Spencer continues to play on the edge and it’s killing us to see him not able to put together that big move he needs to turn this game on its head. He really looked like he was thinking about playing his Hidden Immunity Idol for Jeremiah, and he ended up wasting the Idol completely. He couldn’t find the Special Idol despite having the clue. He exploded everyone’s brains at Tribal Council by telling them he’d vote Tony in the Final 3 and STILL couldn’t change the vote. He’s playing hard and trying to break into the majority alliance and nothing is working. And worse now is that the other side knows that he doesn’t have a Hidden Immunity Idol. Playing on Tony’s paranoia might be his last chance, but even if it works he has a lot of work to do convincing people that he’s not the Final 3 threat everyone knows he is.

Tony & Trish

Trish did a great job in securing her alliance by straightening out Jefra, and her line about papayas as big as Morgan’s boobs was great, but there are only a few Tribal Councils left and she has done nothing to get out from Tony’s shadow; she’s a skilled social player who could be running the show (or at least *a* show) but everything she’s doing is benefitting Tony more than herself.

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