TRISH TRASHED — The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12

TRISH TRASHED -- The Unofficial Guide to Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12 — “Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back” – who won the challenges, who was voted of, who played well, and who is on the outs. Feel free to add your notes, thoughts, and questions.

Aired May 14, 2014, covering night 33 through night 36

Reward Challenge winner: Tony (pizza delivery at camp, shares with Trish)

Immunity Challenge winner: Spencer

Voted Out: Trish – Stupid, stupid Trish and her big mouth. We have no reason to think Trish wasn’t a shoo-in for the final 3, probably even after Spencer won Immunity. But instead of shutting up and putting up with Kass for just a few more days she had to act crazy and alienate her alliance, then she had to open her big mouth at Tribal Council and make Tony aware of her good standing with the jury. It should have been a no-brainer to get rid of Woo after Spencer won Immunity, but she blew it.

Of course, if she had actually played the game for herself  and not as Tony’s lap dog she wouldn’t have been in a position of being the obvious choice of target for Spencer, Kass, and Woo.

In This Episode:

Obviously the biggest news out of this episode is that, without explanation, Tony voted against Trish. Why would he do that? There’s only one explanation that makes sense: Trish scared him when she started talking about how she hasn’t had any quarrel with anyone on the jury. As far as we can tell, Trish and Woo, who have pretty much been on board with Tony’s schemes even when they weren’t part of them, have remained in a very favorable light comparatively. This is no small feat! So if Tony was worried about Woo’s good standing with the jury and was willing to stab him in the back over it, it stands to reason that if his backup plan, Trish, was in a similar position it would make a final 3 vote against both of them impossible to win.

That would also explain why Tony didn’t do the obvious thing and spend his regular Hidden Immunity Idol on Trish. He could have saved her and preserved himself tonight, but instead it looks like he’s going to play the lie of being able to use the Special Power Hidden Immunity Idol fill tilt and rely in it to stroll right into the final 3.


It really looks like there’s no possible way Tony can win this now. He probably wouldn’t have any problem against Kass but he HAS to take either Woo or Spencer as well. Spencer might just win unanimously thanks to his great performance challenge, and Woo is basically not Tony. ‘Nuff said.

This season has been amazing because it’s hard to recall where glaring personality flaws have severely  hurt so many people. How many times have we seen instances this season where all people had to do is sit back, shut up, and let someone else hang themselves but had to go off and blow up and look even worse? It happened to Tony, Trish, AND Kass all in just this episode! It was worst for Trish; no one on the jury likes Kass and Tony is probably only going to get a couple (if that) “respect for playing the game” votes (or maybe a vote or two for his llama impression). Trish could have had this thing in the bag if she had first not blown up at Kass, and second shut up about not having a fight with anyone on the jury.


Spencer‘s amazing come-from-behind Immunity Challenge victory was the direct and immediate cause of ALL of this mayhem. It was one of the gutsiest, most important and most unexpected victories in recent memory, and changed EVERYTHING. Not only did it keep around the guy who was scheduled to go next, but it set up the scrambling that caused Trish’s, Kass’s, and Tony’s outbursts and very probably sealed their fates. Pretty amazing to see how Tony thought it was just a bump in the road that merely pushed ahead plans to blow up his own alliance when in actuality it probably cost him a million dollars.


Kass‘s problem in this game is that she’s all talk. She likes to act like she’s stirring up chaos to get further in the game, but in reality none of the moves she’s made up until this episode have been to benefit Kass; they’ve only served to strengthen Tony’s game, and thus indirectly Trish’s and Woo’s game as well. So when she finally figure out how to REALLY screw things up for people for her direct benefit by telling Woo about Tony’s promise, you had to start to really respect her game – even if you didn’t like her. But then she had to self destruct on a cosmic level and ensure that if she wasn’t already getting zero jury votes in a final 3, she surely is now.

When Kass says “no one in this game should have that much power” she means “no one in this game except ME should have that much power.” But she doesn’t have the capability of wielding or even understanding that kind of power. Anyone can cause chaos, but if it doesn’t help your game is it really any different than, say, dumping all of your tribe’s rice in the fire? Kass likes to act like she’s intelligent and cerebral in this game, but she’s just a troll who has no clue how to really play it.


Woo is in the best position of anyone in this game. If Tony truly controls the final 3 and makes it in he’s going to take Kass because everyone hates her, and then he has to choose between Woo and Spencer. Spencer just might win unanimously for not being Tony or part of his alliance, and at least with Woo Tony can say that he didn’t really play the game and just did whatever Tony told him. It probably won’t work and Woo might just win unanimously against Tony as well, but it’s the only play he really has.

The disaster that is Tony’s game as of this episode is astounding. He freely admits he plays emotionally, but lots of people do that. For thinking as much as Tony does, he sure makes a lot or really dumb mistakes. He knew Kass wasn’t his ally, so why bother making her feel good about her position with him and promising a final three? What was the point? And when Kass takes that to Woo, why not deny, deny, deny instead of acting suspiciously by telling her she shouldn’t be spilling secrets? Why is he so incredulous about Kass betraying him? Why WOULDN’T she do what she did? Tony has no clue whatsoever how to handle the social aspects of this game, and for someone as dominating as he was his ineptitude

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  1. Randy says:

    Good explanation on not giving Trish an idol. Two queries about the previews (they have cut these before and inadvertantly given away a secret, but this late in the game?):
    1) why show a seemingly Final 3 picture (Spencer, Tony, Kass)?
    2) why show a clip of (clearly) Spencer jumping off during some sort of challenge???

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