Darien entrepreneur ‘bears’ reality TV secrets

Brendan Synnott

…Appearing on CBS’s hit reality show “Survivor” was just another event Brendan Synnott could chalk up for the experience.

The former Darien resident and co-founder of Bear Naked Inc., the granola company he started in 2002 with high school friend Kelly Flatley, came across the opportunity after selling the firm in 2007 to Kellogg for about $60 million.

While in between ventures, Synnott decided “Survivor” — which premieres at 8 p.m. tonight — would be the perfect adventure.

“Since Kelly and I sold Bear Naked, I’ve been taking some time off and just looking for experiences, you know, to find something fun,” Synnott said. “I had the opportunity to do ‘Survivor,’ and only 400 or so others have gotten to do it, so it’s great and unique to find out what that’s like.”

via Darien entrepreneur ‘bears’ reality TV secrets (The Advocate)

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