SECOND IMPRESSIONS: Sandy Spared, Carolina Condemned

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2 Responses

  1. Ice Prince says:

    Haha well I’m glad Carolina is gone. Her voice annoyed the hell out of me the second she opened her mouth. Perhaps I’m alone on this, but people that use the word “like” after every other word in their sentences gets old SOOOO fast.

    Sandy is so quirky, but I really admire her spunk and tenacity. Her “blonde moments” were actually played up well enough in the editing when she was trying to find the HII–I couldn’t help but to feel somewhat sorry for her. She really wants to be there to play this game, so more power to her. She’d probably be a hilarious woman in real life to meet. She just has a good energy about her it seems.

    I also really liked Sierra from what I saw of her. She wasn’t discouraged(which is awfully hard to not be when you’re sick with strep), and I thought her move to build camp instead of trying to find the HII was pretty smart on her part, especially given her condition. At least it got her some good vibes from her tribemates, although Coach still seems hell bent on getting rid of her. I guess we’ll see.

  2. Sojourno says:

    I was happy to see Sandy still in the game, but I don’t see her going much farther unless Jalapoa starts winning ICs.
    As for Carolina …I did agree with her about the shelter and all, but she was annoying as hell.
    I think we’ll start seing some alliances start forming in the next few episodes and im really interested to see who clicks up.
    I am really impressed with all that Sierra did and Im hoping she does well.
    1 final thing. Tyson is charming, funny, smart and he reminds me alot of Brian Heidik from Thailand.
    I see him as being the one to watch.

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