Ben “Coach” Wade fired from coaching job

Survivor: Tocantins contestant Ben “Coach” Wade has been fired from his job as women’s soccer coach at Southwest Baptist University. The firing took place one week after the premiere of Survivor: Tocantins and seems to be due to Wade taking an excessive leave. Wade said he planned on pursuing an acting career.

“I’m going to be the next big thing on the big screen,” Wade said in a phone interview.

SBU athletic director Brent Good said the school bought out the remaining three months of Wade’s contract because Wade did not tell Good that he left the team at mid-season to be on television.

“He said he was going to be gone for a week,” Good said. “And the week went beyond that, which went beyond that, which went beyond that.”

The “next big thing” quote could be an indication that he does well in the game and expects (whether by himself or with the encouragement from CBS in the form of favorable editing) to become a fan favorite, or it could just be wishful thinking on his part. Very few Survivor contestants have had successful acting careers, the most notable being Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is a co-host on The View.

Via SBU soccer coach fired | | Springfield News-Leader.

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