CANDACE BUSTED: Attitude Dooms Ample Attorney

CANDACE BUSTED: Attitude Dooms Ample Attorney
“The Poison Apple Needs to Go” Empty stomachs force Jalapao to hunt less conventional prey, Stephen and JT further forge their atypical affiliation, Sierra keeps hanging on for dear life, and Taj makes a tactical blunder that might take her out of the game.

Candace canned
Welcome to Survivor: Tocantins – now with 11% less bounce! It’s already shaping up to be a rough season for the more shapely castaways, and this week it was Candace who wasn’t getting the…uh…support she needed from her tribe. Analyzing a player’s failures this early in the game is pretty easy, but Candace makes it even easier by taking a page out of the Carolina Book on Committing Survivor Suicide. In a game that has stressed first impressions from the get go, being bossy and getting in peoples’ faces just isn’t going to fly, no matter how good you look.

Cut by Coach
That said, Coach made a huge play that demonstrated why he has what it takes to make it far in this game. It had nothing to do with how he made friends, but rather how he treats people who aren’t his friends. He had no qualms about approaching and confronting Candace to apologize for his part in their rice and beans argument, whereas she seemed content to let it fester and deal with him behind his back. Ultimately that quality will earn him respect from his tribe and can help offset any questions about his physical prowess, but only if he can prove he can make those decisions and choices without being a total jerk.

Meal (of) worms
Coach wasn’t the only one doing what had to be done to get by this season. Kudos to Joe for not only taking the initiative to find food (even if it’s technically anteater food) but to subtly prove that he has the mind – and stomach – to do some of the less desirable deeds needed to win the game. It can prove to be inspirational and reassuring for the rest of the tribe.

She gets knocked down…
Sierra looked unlikable before the season started, but since getting essentially voted off last week she has done nothing but impress. It’s tough to be put in the position she has, to have one trick up her sleeve and have to tip her hand to someone who she has no idea if he will give her the help she needs, but she played it perfectly, and pulling one over on Debra was a stroke of genius.

The Odd Couple
So that’s two weeks in a row that the contrast between big city nerd and big strong country boy was thought to be significant enough to mention and rail on about by said big city nerd. Stephen seems to have quite a hang up with big strong country boys but thankfully JT is just the hunk to help him get over that particular problem. It is definitely a good pairing though, and one that would be made much more valuable if they were able to keep it on the down low and build separate alliances that can be brought together later. Stephen is already coming out of his shell and building confidence…and hitting the winning shot in the Reward/Immunity Challenge was certainly indicitive of that.

Taj tells all
Taj’s revelation is quite a contrast to earlier big-money earners in this game – remember Carl (Africa) was taken out when his younger tribemates decided he didn’t need the money, and Gary (Guatemala) did everything in his power to cover up his NFL past. Taj had no such qualms, revealing her husband is none other than former Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl running back Eddie George. She conveniently left out her past as a singer in a chart-topping singing group – point being that if there was ever anyone in this game who didn’t need the money, it’s Taj. But the difference between Taj and those other players is that she looks to have the ability to develop a social game and use relationships to her advantage. And that will be immediately put to the test, as she can’t really play under the radar at this point so building more alliances like the one she did with Brendan will be a must.

LOOKING GOOD: Stephen, Coach, Joe

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  1. Ivy says:

    I think what Taj did wasn’t very smart and at this point, I can’t see the strategy in it. I thought for a minute that she was going to tell them that she was singer in the R&B singing group SWV. I don’t know, maybe she figures if she’s up front with everyone, she’s o.k. in the event that they somehow find out in the course of the game, although I don’t know how.

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