SICK AND TIRED: Bad Beans Send Jerry Upstream

SICK AND TIRED: Bad Beans Send Jerry Upstream

“Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This” Things go from good to better for Jalapao, as they develop a winning streak and earn some much needed comfort for camp in the form of pillows, blankets, and a tarp. And while Jalapao is eating well thanks to a little ingenuity with their fishing gear, rice and beans take their toll on Timbira – especially on Jerry.

Episode Summary

Timbira returns from camp and Erinn goes immediately into damage control, trying to tell the tribe that she was only close to Candace because she didn’t trust her and wanted to see what she was up to, a lie which insults and angers Coach. Jerry starts feeling sick, which he attributes to the beans the tribe has been eating, but vows to not let his weakness show. Jalapao tries but can’t figure out how to use their fishing gear, but eventually are able to catch some fish and have a great meal. Timbira performs horrendously in the Reward Challenge, and Jalapao wins easily, earning pillows, blankets, and a tarp which they use to cover the roof of their shelter. Coach and Tyson strategize, and Coach tells Tyson he considers him his assistant coach, much to Tyson’s amusement. Brendan and Taj are sent back to Exile Island, where they receive another clue and further solidify their alliance by planning to recruit Sierra and Stephen into a secret alliance to take control of the game at the merge. In the Immunity Challenge, Jerry continues to perform poorly, and when the tribe ignores direction by the outcast Erinn they lose the challenge. The tribe debates the merits of eliminating the weak Jerry or the unlikable Erinn. Brendan finds the Hidden Immunity Idol in the tree mail area. At Tribal Council, Jerry says the tribe needs a leader and Brendan should take that role, to which Coach disagrees. Erinn is asked and agrees with Jerry. Jerry is voted out.


  • For the second episode in a row, Stephen has contributed something meaningful in an unexpected way – this time catching a fish as the tribe was figuring out how to use their fishing gear. Obviously he is not the weak link he thinks he is.
  • Taj’s selection of Stephen for the secret alliance is significant. It wasn’t clear if she was aware of his alliance with JT, but if she can get Stephen to go along it seems likely at this point he could also bring JT into the fold, making the surprise alliance a sure bet to make a significant mark on the game.
  • Erinn was wise to avoid the “toldja so”s after she was proven right in the Immunity Challenge, but it’s likely not enough to keep her in the game much longer. Coach strongly dislikes her, and although he doesn’t seem to have the tribe completely under his control he does have a strong say in how they vote. Any hope she has in staying rests in her ability to make up with Coach.
  • Coach is more of a leader on the tribe than he thinks he is or the tribe even realizes, and he would be much better off playing exactly like he has been. Openly campaigning for the role of tribe leader is bound to land him in the same boat as Survivor Gabon’s GC.


“This fish tastes just like victory” – Joe

“I love seeing people cry when you crush their dreams” – Tyson

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1 Response

  1. Ice Prince says:

    Interesting surprise…I really thought Jerry was going to hold out a bit longer, but….ya know, that’s the way it goes in this game.

    What will be interesting in the coming weeks is seeing if the whole Brendan/Taj/Sierra/Stephen alliance comes to fruition. Seems Taj is making her move next week, so we’ll see how that goes. Brendan and Sierra seem to already have a low key alliance going on, so Brendan better be ready to defend her long enough to get to the merge once Coach gets rid of Erynn since it would seem Sierra is still in his sights.

    Sierra is playing a low key game, which is smart. It’s saved her not once, but twice already. She could have easily went home any of the past two tribal votes had Candace not got into it with Coach, and Jerry being sick. Mad props to her for staying composed.

    I’m honestly surprised Coach hasn’t gotten the boot yet with his rather large ego. Although based on pics I’ve seen of him (supposedly from after he returned) he’ll probably be there for awhile based on how skinny he got.

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