NUT CRACKED: Jalapao Chooses Eye Candy Over Sandy

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  1. Ice Prince says:

    Well it did suck to see Sandy go over Sydney. Sydney is definately the weakest link on her tribe, but in the end, the guys pulled the typical “well she’s hot so we’ll keep her anyway” card. I expected as much, so I wasn’t surprised to see Sandy go tonight. I was hoping she’d get farther though–she seemed to really enjoy herself.

    On the secret alliance, it’s a good thing Sierra chose Taj to go to Exile with her, or it could have easily set the alliance between Taj and Brendan back by quite a bit.

    It doesn’t look good for them next week though, at least for Taj and Brendan. Taj lashing out and Brendan getting exposed isn’t looking too good, but I’d say Brendan could easily manuever it to his advantage with the right fast talk. It shouldn’t be too hard I wouldn’t think, especially since Erinn is the one who seems to be on the outs.

    Taj on the other hand…I don’t know. You should NEVER lash out like that at your tribemates, because it paints you as an annoyance and a drama queen. Taj better hope her tribe wins Immunity next week is all I have to say.

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