REPEAT DELETE: Ace Erased; Dan Canned

“It All Depends On the Pin-Up Girl” A new twist in the form of a double Tribal Council puts everyone in the hot seat, and a series of bad moves seal the fate of Ace and Dan and puts Sugar in a position of power.

No one is doing more to destroy her status in this game and with such little regard than Crystal. It’s like she needs to take on all of the self-destructive qualities of GC’s since he left or something. You sort of can’t blame her for being klutzy and kicking over the rice, but her belligerence in refusing breakfast was about as close as kamikaze as one can get in the game. There’s nothing wrong with being embarrassed that she lost some of the rice, but to get that belligerent because she thought Ace and Matty were mad at her is ludicrous…did she expect them to be happy about it? They are constantly losing, partially because of poor nutrition, and she essentially threw out what little food they had left. It’s time for Crystal to end the pity party and do something to pull this tribe together, other than blaming everyone else for her poor attitude and poorer challenge performance.

Sugar has been nothing but adorable all season, and her power move this week in voting out Ace proved that she’s got a lot more going on than being someone’s flunky. We’re not totally sure that the timing was right and that she was at the point where she was done using him, but she certainly made a statement to the rest of her tribe. There might be some legitimate concern that she had become prematurely power drunk having two Idols, but it is also possible that in ditching Ace, she has effectively traded an alliance with one person for an alliance with two. Of course, the two she aligned with are walking cancer as far as tribemates go, but she might only need to use them temporarily. Either way, we like seeing her get further in the game.

What we don’t like seeing is the game’s second most entertaining player make an exit this early in the game. Randy has the rude, boorish jerk thing down pretty well, but Ace had the cool, calculating, strategic personality. With Ace gone, we’ll be faced with even more shots of Crystal’s whining and Kenny’s acne. And nobody wants that.

Poor Matty. It’s hard to not feel bad for this guy. He’s basically the only person on his tribe even trying in challenges, he’s putting up with some of the most toxic personalities this game has ever seen, and now his only ally is gone, the result of a blindside vote. The good news is that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s toast next week, because it shouldn’t take much to convince the rest of the tribe to turn on themselves and either get rid of Sugar to flush out the idol, get rid of conniving Kenny (who was as bad, if not worse, than Ace), or Crystal, who can’t even make it through the day without destroying either what little food they have, or their chances of winning challenges.

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