NO SPARING SPENCER: Closeted Castaway Cut

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  1. Ice Prince says:

    Quite a surprise last night–I definately didn’t see Spencer going anytime soon. I’m surprised it actually wasn’t Taj to be honest, considering that she doesn’t seem at all worried regarding her position in her tribe. She did have good answers at the TC though regarding her Exile visits and such. I thought she played that very well. Stephen really could have screwed her big time if he wanted to, but it’s still too early to tell if that would pay off for him in the long run.

    Regarding the playing it cool with sexuality stuff, I can’t really blame Spencer for wanting to keep that stuff to himself. I mean if he was obviously gay, that’s one thing, but he can pull off straight pretty well. Being a gay person, I never even got the gay vibe from him until I found out he and Todd were dating. JT may or may not have liked him had he of been honest, but I doubt Sydney, Taj, or Stephen would have cared. Joe I’m not sure of, but I never really got the vibe that he or JT would be down with the homo. Perhaps that’s bad assumption on my part, but just seeing how they interact and how they seem to behave, I just have my doubts that those two would be completely ok with it.

    Speaking of JT, he’s far too southern for my taste. I mean I’m southern raised, but geez….he kills me sometimes with that butchered dialect haha.

    Regarding Sierra, I can definiately understand her excitement about the secret alliance, considering how bad off she was the first couple of days. Sometimes luck plays a big part in this game, and this was one of those times.

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