NO SPARING SPENCER: Closeted Castaway Cut

NO SPARING SPENCER: Closeted Castaway Cut

“You’re Going To Want That Tooth” The Secret Alliance further solidifies their power base and their pact, strengthened by Taj’s discovery of the Hidden Immunity Idol, but when Stephen is put in charge of the Idol he begins to have second thoughts. Spencer harbors a secret fearing it would jeopardize his place in the game, but in the end it’s his poor challenge play that does him in.


Taj and Stephen set out to find the idol and do, and it is put in Stephen’s care since he has pockets and Taj doesn’t. Stephen comments that he will do everything he can to ensure it stays in his possession. Sierra confronts Brendan about his neglecting to inform her of the secret alliance, and Brendan comments that every part of the plan so far has come together perfectly. The Reward Challenge consisted of tribes pulling ropes to spin their tribemates on a merry-go-round device, after which they were required to walk a balance beam. Jalapao won in 4 rounds and sent Brendan to Exile Island. Brendan took Stephen, causing immediate suspicion in Tyson, who noted that he seemed to have some kind of rapport with certain members of Jalapao and that he seemed to have earned some kind of respect from them. Jalapao won a trip to the Charmin Cafe – pastries and snacks and a real toilet with real toilet paper. Joe comments that Taj being gone so much has hurt her ans she was not part of the tribe’s bond. JT finds letters from home for everyone. Tyson tells Coach and Debra that he thinks Brendan has some kind of alliance with members of Jalapao; Debra warns him not to say anything to Sierra because they were close, and Coach realizes that if there was such an alliance, he would be powerless after the merge and needed to vote Brendan off. Erinn complains about Coach’s poor weather forecasting. Brendan reveals that he chose Stephen for Exile Island to meet him and make him comfortable in the alliance, but Stephen realized it was hard to trust someone he still met and that he only thought the alliance “might be there.” Sydney asks Spencer what girls interested him and he covered the fact that he was gay, thinking it would jeopardize his position with the tribe, specifically a Southerner like JT. The Immunity Challenge consisted of tribes launching balls for the rest of their tribe to catch. Joe injured his knee and JT chipped his tooth, and thanks to Tyson Jalapao lost a 4-2 lead and blew the challenge. As Jalapao debated who to vote off between the outcast Taj and the poor challenge performer Spencer, Taj blew up at Joe and Spencer confronted Joe, JT, and Stephen saying he wasn’t the weakest challenge performer in the tribe and that he wanted to stay. At Tribal Council Spencer admitted his challenge play was “pathetic.” Taj didn’t think her outburst hurt her, saying there were many things in the game that could hurt one’s position. The tribe agreed and voted off Spencer.


  • The different reactions to the Secret Alliance by its members are interesting. Sierra has done nothing but pat herself on the back for getting out of the terrible beginning in the game she was put in, Taj and Brendan do little else but marvel and how well everything is coming together, and Stephen seems to be the only level-headed member, realizing that things might just be too good to be true and that he needs to be conscious of other opportunities. He already had with his friendship with JT, but his arrogance in claiming he’ll do anything he can to make sure he holds on to the Idol – even going so far as to consider voting off Taj so he’d have it – is great gamesmanship.
  • Joe really has in it for Taj. He seemed to have a problem with her even before she blew up at him, saying that she wasn’t part of the tribe’s bond because she had been gone so much. It’s unclear what she had done to provoke that reaction with him, but it could be as simple as him using someone as an outsider to keep his alliance (or what he thinks is an alliance) strong. Taj didn’t do herself any favors by going off, then arrogantly claiming that she probably didn’t do herself any harm (even though she’s probably right), but her point that she didn’t ask to go to Exile Island and her claim that all she could do is try to fit in once she got back (even though she was doing a really bad job of it) was well made.
  • Spencer is a hypocrite. He completely missed the irony of basically accusing someone of homophobia just because he was Southern. If he had spent as much time worrying about his challenge play as he did tipping off JT that he was gay, he might still be around to be judgmental against him.


“Coach is kind of a jackass about the weather…I wouldn’t be surprised if, at the end of the game, coach said ‘Gotcha! I’m an accountant! I’ve never left Nebraska!’” – Erinn

“After 3 days of being a loser I’m proud of myself.” – Sierra

“My mom has only told me she loves me, like, three times in my whole life.” – JT

“Both balls in the air!” – Jeff Probst

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  1. Ice Prince says:

    Quite a surprise last night–I definately didn’t see Spencer going anytime soon. I’m surprised it actually wasn’t Taj to be honest, considering that she doesn’t seem at all worried regarding her position in her tribe. She did have good answers at the TC though regarding her Exile visits and such. I thought she played that very well. Stephen really could have screwed her big time if he wanted to, but it’s still too early to tell if that would pay off for him in the long run.

    Regarding the playing it cool with sexuality stuff, I can’t really blame Spencer for wanting to keep that stuff to himself. I mean if he was obviously gay, that’s one thing, but he can pull off straight pretty well. Being a gay person, I never even got the gay vibe from him until I found out he and Todd were dating. JT may or may not have liked him had he of been honest, but I doubt Sydney, Taj, or Stephen would have cared. Joe I’m not sure of, but I never really got the vibe that he or JT would be down with the homo. Perhaps that’s bad assumption on my part, but just seeing how they interact and how they seem to behave, I just have my doubts that those two would be completely ok with it.

    Speaking of JT, he’s far too southern for my taste. I mean I’m southern raised, but geez….he kills me sometimes with that butchered dialect haha.

    Regarding Sierra, I can definiately understand her excitement about the secret alliance, considering how bad off she was the first couple of days. Sometimes luck plays a big part in this game, and this was one of those times.

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