Richard Hatch seeks release from prison

Richard Hatch seeks release from prison

Former Survivor winner Richard Hatch filed a new request on Tuesday, March 24th in U.S. District Court in Providence, RI to be set free from federal prison immediately on grounds that he is innocent and was represented by “ineffective” lawyers. Hatch is representing himself and is in the midst of a four-year, three-month sentence in West Virginia for tax evasion on the $1 million grand prize he received as winner of Survivor: Borneo.

The reality TV star argued in a 43-page memo that he should be released because he is innocent, was represented by ineffective lawyers and that a judge improperly calculated his prison sentence.

“Hatch’s portrayal on ’Survivor’ and his media-concocted caricature as villainous and manipulative continue to unfairly bleed into legal proceedings and wield unjust influence,” Hatch said.

Via ‘Survivor’ winner seeks release from prison (MSNBC).

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