Crystal’s Post-Boot Interviews: “I was a social threat out there”

The challenges are not devised for everyday things that people do. They were hard as hell. For a person who’s been in tip-top shape, those challenges were hard. So I threw my physicality out the window and [decided to] play a social game.

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…You know, folks had such high expectations of me. And I was like, I don’t even know how to do this and do that. I think what really got me from day one was running up the hill. It wasn’t a typical hill. It was a very steep mountain that was gravelly and I fell. I skidded all the way to the bottom. From that day forward I knew: what have I gotten myself into?

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You know, I don’t wanna entertain his childish thoughts because I wasn’t raised that way, and, you know, I had no major bitterness towards Randy. My bitterness with Randy started when he called me a “B” and I told him “Don’t ever disrespect me like that,” because he doesn’t know me.

That was the moment of me becoming an outspoken person in the game. And I don’t think they showed that, but I told him “I’m gonna respect you because your name is Randy, and you’re gonna call me Crystal.”

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