BRENDAN BLINDSIDED: Coach, Tyson Slay the Dragon & Take Control

BRENDAN BLINDSIDED: Coach, Tyson Slay the Dragon & Take Control
“The Biggest Fraud in the Game” With Joe out of the game, Tyson and Coach’s plan to slay Brendan the dragon goes full swing, but Brendan has a trick of his own up his sleeve, putting the Secret Alliance into play – causing Stephen and JT to carefully consider their options.

Episode Summary

Coach says the entire camp is in a funk following Joe’s unexpected dismissal. He decides to share a story from his life, recounting an outrageous tale of how he was captured by natives and beaten with a club before escaping and rowing for two days to safety which no one believed. JT believes he will continue to be targeted by Brendan but is confident in his alliance with Coach and Tyson. The next morning, Coach meditates and tells Brendan the technique is so rare that it cannot be found on the Internet. Erinn and JT go to catch food and discuss Joe, whom they both liked, and Erinn tells JT that she has no allies from her tribe.

In the Reward Challenge, the tribe is split into 3 teams of 3 and were sent 3 at a time to toss a metal ball onto a series of ceramic tiles representing the other teams. The team with the last remaining tile would be the winner. The team of Brendan, JT, and Debra won – a white water rafting excursion with a full meal. Stephen was sent alone to Exile Island. While on Exile Island, Stephen made fire for the first time and felt it was quite an accomplishment. JT had a particularly good time rafting, having always wanted to do it and never having the chance. Upon their return, Brendan approaches Taj to activate the Secret Alliance to vote off Tyson and Coach, and both (as well as Sierra) express genuine affection for JT, not wating to vote him out.

The Immunity Challenge was an obstacle course in which players were tethered to a rope, with the first three finishing the first stage moving on to the second. Brendan, Tyson, and JT won the first stage and Tyson won the second, which was a 3-story structure set up similar to the first round, winning Immunity. After the Immunity Challenge, JT catches Stephen up on the happenings around camp and they realize they can choose to back out of their alliance with Tyson and Coach to join Brendan, and both decide they are in control of the game. Brendan thinks he is leading Coach and Tyson on by telling them to vote for JT.

At Tribal Council, Taj tells Jeff that JT is a huge threat because he is extremely likable and performs well in challenges. Tyson says he knows at least one of the Hidden Immunity Idols has been found, and Jeff asks around to all of the people who had been to Exile Island to ask if they have it before Brendan admits that he does. But he doesn’t play it, and the split vote ends up not being needed. Final vote – Coach 2, Sierra 3, Brendan 4.

Episode Commentary

  • Stephen and JT need to be careful about how much control the figure they have in the game. By eliminating Brendan they eliminated their strongest alternate strategy, and now control, at this point, rests solely with Tyson and Coach.
  • JT also needs to wise up. He and Stephen are tight, but a light should have gone on in his head when Stephen basically reminded him that no one in their right mind would want to go up against him in the Final 3. Stephen has to know this too, and for him, Tyson and Coach make for more attractive opponents for the final vote. JT needs to be thinking about this too and should be planning to engineer Stephen’s ouster as soon as it is convenient.
  • Erinn likewise needs a reality check as to her power and options as they stand now. The Brendan boot is much bigger than anyone outside of Tyson and Coach realize in that it dismantled an alliance and closed the doors on future possibilities. And since Erinn has never exactly been on Tyson and Coach’s strong side (and with those two needing to determine the next vote after Sierra), she’s on the short list of people to go soon.


  • “Sierra is the bowel movements that come out of the dragon.” – Coach on Sierra’s position in the tribe in relation to Brendan (the dragon)
  • “Be the wizard, Stephen.” – Coach, to Stephen as he left for Exile Island
  • “We can’t vote for Tyson so I decided on Coach. It will be nice to have him out of here.” – Brendan on his voting strategy after Tyson won Immunity
  • “It probably won’t win me her vote on the jury, but it will probably win me everyone else’s vote.” – Tyson, on his preference to vote Brendan out before Sierra so he can boss her around before eliminating her

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